I Heart Presents - The Santina Crown - Playing the Royal Game - A Very Ordinary Princess

A Very Ordinary Princess

She has stolen the hearts of people of Santa Maria, despite being a very ordinary girl. Allegra Jackson has the common touch and many think this young woman, with her raucous family has breathed new life into the once stuffy royal house of Santina.

Allegra may not be of royal heritage, her family regularly graces the gossip pages of the worlds’ media, but many see shy Allegra as the good girl of the Jackson clan. Choosing to avoid the more scandalous antics of her siblings, Allegra has chosen a sedate career path of her own, which has ultimately led to her own fairy tale ending!

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I Heart Presents - The Santina Crown - Playing the Royal Game - The Prodigal Prince

The Prodigal Prince

Many have wondered about the heir to the throne of Santa Maria and his reluctance to stay on the island he will one day rule. Crown Prince Alessandro, Alex, chooses to follow his business interests around the world, rather than accept his royal responsibilities. But all that is about to change with Alex’s recent shock engagement to Allegra Jackson.

Once again Alex has defied convention and rejected the bride betrothed to him from birth in favor of the daughter of a has-been celebrity. Questions have been raised about Alex’s decision making here; this prince has often seemed uninterested in becoming King one day, and many speculate that this current idea of his is merely an attempt to rebel against his royal duties one final time.

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I Heart Presents - The Santina Crown - Playing the Royal Game - MISSING!  Heiress and playboy vanish!

Sealed with a Kiss

Hooray! The people of Santina have waited a long time to see their favorite prince finally settled, and it would seem the unexpected arrival of Miss Allegra Jackson is just what this future king needs to curb his wanderlust!

Photographers caught the happy couple canoodling in a corridor after sneaking out of their recent engagement party for a bit of privacy. And it would seem that the passion between them is as hot as Allegra’s dress!

It seems that peoples’ princess Allegra is smitten with her new husband to be and couldn’t keep her hands off her handsome prince (by dana at dhead fashion). And Alex seemed besotted too! We can see a very happy ever after for these two lovebirds!

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I Heart Presents - The Santina Crown - Playing the Royal GameA happy-ever-after fairy tale! Prince Alessandro has married ordinary Allegra Jackson…with a family from hell! Is everything really as it seems regarding the tabloid’s engagement of the year or is there trouble in paradise?