A powerful dynasty, where secrets and scandal never sleep!

Eight siblings, blessed with wealth, but denied the one thing they wanted – a father’s love. Haunted by their past and driven to succeed, the Wolfes scattered to the far corners of the globe. It’s said that even the blackest of souls can be healed by the purest of love…

But can the dynasty rise again?

The Wolfe Family Video


William Wolfe was the youngest son of a dominating army official: Edward Wolfe. As heir to a powerful and aristocratic legacy, William was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps. Edward was a strict taskmaster and a harsh punisher, who expected nothing less than military discipline. William craved attention and, knowing he would never find it at home, sought it elsewhere. He had a colourful personal life. His wealth and charisma attracted women like moths to a flame. While there were many notches on his bedpost, only a few left a lasting impression…

William’s love affairs left him with eight children and years of grief, bitterness and regret. His feelings toward his children were complex: they were reminders of the women he’d loved and lost – yet they were also his sons (and a daughter)…they were Wolfes! He had known only the firm hand of discipline, so in William’s mind he was punishing his children for their own good. As he spiraled into an alcohol-induced decline he found it more difficult to control his temper. Annabelle – the image of her mother – was the only one to escape his wrath.

William’s darkest hour came when Annabelle, in an act of teenage rebellion, snuck out to a party. She stumbled home, wearing a short skirt and make-up, and bumped into her father. William, who was riled-up after a day out hunting and drinking, was furious. Shouting, ‘No boy will ever look at you again!’ he raised his hand…

Annabelle’s younger brothers tried to stop their father, but they were too small. Then Jacob came home and tried to pull William away, but he was too strong. Knowing he needed to protect his sister, and seeing red for the first time, Jacob lashed out, momentarily seized with the rage. William fell to the ground, where he hit his head on the bottom step of the grand staircase and died.

With William dead, eighteen-year-old Jacob became guardian to his siblings. But he was haunted by that night. Although he’d acted to protect his sister, he couldn’t believe he’d lost control. He’d always sworn to himself that he would never react with violence, but for a fleeting second he’d enjoyed the power – retribution for twelve years of torment – and he was terrified by that.

Unable to deal with events, Jacob started drinking and brooding in William’s study. One day he found himself shouting at Annabelle, his fists clenched, and was terrified at the idea that he was turning into his father. So he decided to leave, entrusting Wolfe Manor to the second eldest, Lucas.

As the years went by the Wolfe siblings gradually dispersed, until finally there was no one left at home. Wolfe Manor was boarded up and left empty for a decade.

Over the years all the brothers (except for Jacob) and Annabelle have kept in semi-contact. There have been occasional gatherings at Annabelle’s London flat, attended by whoever is around at the time, and the boys have bumped into one another on the international party circuit (by labounty at dhead fashion). But there hasn’t been one day in the last twenty years when all eight Wolfe children have been together.

But all that’s about to change. Complaints have been made about the neglected house and the local council have stepped in. With some difficulty they have located the owner, Jacob Wolfe, and served him with a ‘Dangerous Structure’ notice. It demands that Jacob takes urgent action to remove the danger and make the building safe.

So it’s 2011…Jacob Wolfe is coming home!


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