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Seven Sexy Sins: Dani Collins “Won the Lotto” with Lust!

by Dani Collins, author of The Sheikh’s Sinful Seduction Hello from snowy Canada, Presents Readers! Last year, my editor contacted me to say thatse the team wanted to tackle the seven deadly sins in a very sexy way. When she asked … Continue reading »

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Exclusive Presents Sneak Peek!

By Laura McCallen, Assistant Editor/Editorial Assistant The Presents team have two absolutely sensational new series starting in January 2015, and we just couldn’t wait to tell you all about them…so consider this an early Christmas gift from us to you!  … Continue reading »

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The Purchased Mistress

by Dani Collins, author The Russian’s Acquisition There’s something deliciously wicked in the purchased mistress trope, isn’t there? If you read my August book, The Ultimate Seduction, you’ll know The Russian’s Acquisition isn’t my first ‘mistress’ book, but in The Ultimate … Continue reading »

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It Begins with a Mask + Giveaway!

by Dani Collins, author of The Ultimate Seduction About this time last year, I was collaborating with the wonderful Maya Blake and Victoria Parker on this series. We were all under the gun with deadlines and life stuff like jobs … Continue reading »

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The Presents Team Loves: The 21st Century Gentleman’s Club

by Pippa Roscoe, Associate Editor This month marks the launch of The 21st Century Gentleman’s Club – three interlinked stories from three exciting Presents authors. But shhhh! It’s top secret, so… Don’t. Tell. Anyone! Because, ladies, we’re about to invite you into … Continue reading »

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