Feeding the Hungry Tabloids…

by Caitlin Crews, author of At the Count’s Bidding

Every now and again someone releases intimate MeganCranenewM&Bphotographs—or worse, videos!—to the hungry tabloids, and I cringe.  Don’t you?  I can’t imagine sharing something so personal, so private.  I assume all sorts of terrible, mercenary things must be true about the person who sold them.

When I started writing At the Count’s Bidding, I knew that Paige had to have done something pretty awful for Giancarlo to hate her so much.  Given that his mother was a famous star in the Old Hollywood Glamor sense of the term, I knew that this betrayal had to have been something connected to fame or celebrity.  And it seemed an easy step to take—that a poor girl in a desperate situation would make the better of her bad choices and do something unforgivable.

And here’s the funny thing about unforgivable acts: they’re only unforgivable without love.  Introduce love into the equation and who knows what miracles might happen?

But that’s not to say it’s an easy road to forgiveness…

Here’s a little excerpt:

“Come here.” His voice was a rasp, thick and hot, and it moved through her like joy.

Paige obeyed him and this time, she was happy to do it. She walked toward him, reveling in the way her blood pounded through her and her skin seemed to shrink a size, too tight across her bones. Because he could call this revenge. He could talk about hatred and penance. But it was still the same thick madness that felt like a rope around her neck. It was still the same inexorable pull.

It was still them.

He took her mouth as if he was already deep inside of her. As if he was thrusting hard and driving them both toward that glimmering edge. It was more than wild, more than carnal. He bent her back over her own arms, pressing her breasts into the flat planes of his chest, and he simply possessed her with a ruthless sort of fury that set every part of her aflame.

She thrilled to his boldness, his shocking mastery. The glorious taste of him she’d pined for all these years. The sheer rightness.

Paige kissed him back desperately, deeply, forgetting about the games they played. Forgetting about penance, about trust. Forgetting her betrayal and his fury. She didn’t care what he wanted from her, or how he planned to hurt her, or anything at all but this.


I hope you enjoy this sizzling tale of revenge and forgiveness and love.

Always love, no matter how hard it is to admit it.

About At the Count’s Bidding:

At The Count's Bidding“It’s the surrender. It’s all about the surrender.”

Paige Fielding has waited ten years for Giancarlo Alessi to walk back into her life. But the man she was once forced to betray isn’t interested in asking questions, or hearing apologies…

Shocked to discover Paige working as his mother’s PA, Giancarlo sees his thirst for vengeance reignite. So he lures her to Tuscany, where she will bow to his every pleasurable command.

But the lines between payback and passion quickly blur. And when Giancarlo discovers Paige is pregnant he must ask himself: Is it really revenge he so desperately craves—or her?


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The Joy of Banter

by Kate Hewitt, author of The Virgin’s Sweet Rebellion

0415-9780373133277-bigwWhen I received the premise and characters for The Virgin’s Sweet Rebellion, I was excited to get started because I could tell the sparks were going to fly between Ben and Olivia in all sorts of ways. I love romantic comedy movies, from the now-classic When Harry Met Sally to the more recent How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days and The Proposal. The witty repartee in all of these films always has me smiling. But something I’ve realized as both a writer and a reader/viewer is that banter only works if there’s something beneath it—namely, deep emotion that draws the characters together.

Ben and Olivia dislike each other at first meeting—after all, she’s a Harrington and he’s a Chatsfield. They also make assumptions about each other based on their surnames, and it takes a while for them both to realize neither is who the other believed. As the banter falls away a bit, they begin to probe each other’s secrets and darkness, and fall in love with the whole person, not just the clever quips.

Here is a scene from the beginning of the book, when Olivia believes Ben has put her in a substandard room on purpose:

In one quick and fluid move of powerful grace, Ben leaned forward and started clicking away at his computer. Olivia waited, her temper barely held in check.

“I see from your reservation that you have booked a standard room.”

“Nothing,” she told him through gritted teeth, “is standard about the broom closet I’m currently in.”

“The Chatsfield,” he told her coolly, “does not run to broom closets.”

“Then maybe you should have a look at my room.”

He stared at her for a moment, his eyes narrowed, his mouth thinned. And now that she was looking at his lips, Olivia had to admit they were sexy, too. Surprisingly full and mobile and, well, lush. Lush lips on a very masculine man. He had long eyelashes too, she noticed. So unfair.

“Perhaps I should see this appalling room for myself,” he told her, “and address any concerns you have.”

Olivia threw an arm out to gesture toward the door. “Be my guest.”

“Ah,” Ben answered as he rose from behind his desk. “Now, that’s my line.”

Do you like books or film where the hero and heroine banter? Do you have a favorite?

Happy reading!


About The Virgin’s Sweet Rebellion:

Caught: Olivia Harrington…with a Chatsfield! 

On the verge of her big break, nothing can disrupt the premiere of Olivia Harrington’s new film. So when the press run the story that reclusive Ben Chatsfield is her latest love interest, Olivia has to go along with the lie!

Ben should call “Cut!” on this charade, but it would be a PR coup for the Chatsfields. Olivia’s sophisticated act might fool the media, but Ben knows she’s hiding an even bigger secret…

His leading lady is completely untouched! Something Ben plans to rectify before the credits roll on their fake relationship.

Welcome to The Chatsfield, Berlin!

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Some Rules Are Meant to be Broken!

by Sarah Morgan author of Playing by the Greek’s Rules

I’m excited to have a new Harlequin Presents out this month!  I had so much fun writing the story of Lily and Nik, who are a perfect example of ‘opposites attract’. Lily is positive and optimistic; Nik is a hardened cynic. After a bad experience with love, archaeologist Lily decides to have a ‘fling’ and Greek billionaire Nik Zervakis seems to be the perfect guy.  Nik is willing to oblige, but on his own terms. But both of them are about to discover that this relationship doesn’t follow anyone’s rules…..

About Playing by the Greek’s Rules:

0215-9780373133130-bigwIt’s time to throw away the rule book… 

Idealistic archaeologist Lily Rose craves a fairy-tale love, but in her experience it always ends in heartbreak. So now Lily’s trying a different approach—a fling with her boss, infamous Greek playboy Nik Zervakis!

Anti-love and anti-family, Nik lives by his own set of rules. There’s no one better to teach Lily how to separate sizzling sex from deep emotions! But while Nik has the world at his feet, he also has dark shadows in his heart…

It starts as a sensual game, but can Lily stick to Nik’s rules? And what’s more, can he?

How about you? Are you the type to stick the rules, or do you like to bend them a little?




She turned, her eyes a furious blaze of blue. ‘Get out, Nik.’

He shrugged off his jacket and slung it over the nearest chair. ‘No.’

‘You should, because the way I feel right now I might punch you. No, wait a minute, I know exactly how to make you back out of that door.’ She tilted her head and her mouth curved into a smile that didn’t reach her eyes. ‘You should leave, Nik, because I’m—oh, seconds away from falling in love with your irresistible self.’ Her sarcasm made him smile and that smile was like throwing petrol on flame. ‘Are you laughing at me?’

‘No, I’m smiling because you’re cute when you’re angry.’

‘I’m not cute. I’m fearsome and terrifying.’

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The Season’s Most Scandalous Society Weddings Are On the Way!

by Jennifer Hayward, author of Book One: The Italian’s Deal for I Do

Meet the Columbia Four—the season’s most scandalous Society Weddings are on the way!

What happens when four of the world’s most eligible bachelors are forced to give up the one thing they cherish most? When duty and desire join forces to play with their carefully ordered, power-hungry, freewheeling lives to force them to marry?

Why, denial and drama, of course! Along with a hefty dose of intrigue and forbidden desire.

Italian Rocco Mondelli, Greek Christian Markos, Sicilian Stefan Bianco and desert king Zayed Al Afzal, known collectively as the “Columbia Four,” met their first year of university at Columbia in New York, forging lifelong bonds that would see them scattered around the globe following graduation. But the brotherhood they shared in university, the desire to live as big as life allows, has followed them to their respective locales around the world. One phone call is all that is needed to put them on a plane when trouble is brewing.

0415-9780373133291-bigwCan anything help them, however, when the challenge becomes the loss of their very freedom? When they collide headfirst with the four spirited women who will teach them that life is about more than the size their bank accounts? That perhaps they can have love?

When I began writing Rocco and Olivia’s story in The Italian’s Deal For I Do, I was so excited to set the story in the stunning city of Milan. To recreate the sexy, sophisticated vibe the city exudes for me.

Rocco and Olivia’s story begins as scandalous, irreverent fashion magnate Rocco suspects that, upon his grandfather Giovanni’s death, the famous fashion icon was having an affair with world-famous supermodel Olivia Fitzgerald, a woman young enough to be his granddaughter! Furious that someone would take advantage of his grandfather this way, Rocco tracks Olivia down at a romantic café in the canals of Navigli. But the vain sycophant he expects to find in Olivia is not what he discovers. Nothing about the beautiful Olivia is what he expects and soon Rocco’s practiced seduction of the stunning blonde to get to the bottom of her intentions toward his grandfather finds him falling for Olivia’s charms instead, just like his foolish grandfather.

Rocco walks away, deciding Olivia Fitzgerald isn’t worth his time. But when the House of Mondelli board decides he must change his scandalous ways and show he can be a solid, stable CEO and family man, Rocco decides Olivia Fitzgerald and her name are exactly what he and the House of Mondelli need to keep the board happy. They will announce their engagement to the world and Olivia as the face of the company. Except then the board decides he actually needs to marry to demonstrate his commitment!

Rocco is tossed into Olivia’s tumultuous, painful journey back to the world of the living as she becomes the face of Mondelli. Can he resist the wounded creature he finds beneath Olivia’s stunning veneer? Or will fate finally teach him the real lessons of life?

If you’d like a taste of the world of the Columbia Four, I’ve written the prequel to the Harlequin Presents Society Weddings series—Society Wedding Secrets—and you can read it here.

First impressions are a tricky thing. Have you ever had one that was very, very wrong, just like Rocco’s?

About The Italian’s Deal For I Do:

The Irresistible Italian: Married for Business

He’s conquered global markets and immeasurable hearts, but to regain control of the fashion empire that’s rightfully his, Rocco Mondelli must prove his playboy days are over. His secret weapon? Supermodel-in-hiding Olivia Fitzgerald…and the power to ruin her if she refuses to play his loving fiancée!

But returning to the world stage revives Olivia’s old demons, and instead of walking down the aisle toward her gorgeous groom—she flees! The world holds its breath: Can the indomitable Rocco get his wayward bride to the altar on time?

The world’s sexiest billionaires finally say “I do”!

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