Under the Microscope: Read on for an exclusive interview with Orsino Chatsfield

by Annie West, author of Rebel’s Bargain

If you had to pick your most public scandalous moment, what would it be?Hmm. Maybe the evening I dragged Poppy away from a high profile charity dinner under the noses of half London’s VIPs and all its press before she could touch her main course. She tells me I should have remembered I was supposed to give a speech later. I tell her she should have worn a dress made of more than black lace.

Was there an even more scandalous event that didn’t make it into the press?My wife made me promise not to tell. She blushes whenever I mention it.

What is your biggest secret?
I don’t have any these days. Poppy knows them all. Well…except perhaps that I’m wondering how she’d feel about a baby some time soon.

What do you love most about Poppy?
The fact that she loves me for who I am and doesn’t try to change me. Well, she does make me front up to the occasional family event these days but I’m learning to enjoy those, with her at my side.

What were your first thoughts when you saw Poppy?
I knew she was going to be mine, no matter what it took.

If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be?
My wife, Poppy, obviously.

What is the naughtiest thing you did at school?
Me? Naughty? I prefer to call myself adventurous. I did get into trouble once for climbing the clock tower to fly our house flag on sports day, then abseil down. I think the Head was secretly on my side although I was disciplined for it.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Sometimes even now my eyes get tired and I ask Poppy to help me by reading out reports on some of our charity enterprises. Perhaps sometimes I use it as an excuse to hear her voice and keep her close when I prefer to stay home, just the two of us.

What is your worst habit?
Shutting myself off. I’m learning now, with Poppy’s help, to open up to others and trust them a little more with the real me.

What is your favourite film?
My talented wife and some of her friends are currently making a documentary about a few of our charity ventures. I know the results will be remarkable. And maybe when it’s finished I’ll have her to myself a bit more!

What present would you put beneath the Christmas tree for Poppy?
I was thinking she might appreciate a hunky, if scarred husband, gift-wrapped of course! But this year it’s going to be an invitation to a romantic week, just the two of us, staying in the very private chateau tower where we fell in love all over again. I’ve even got the crimson ball gown she wore last time, which I so enjoyed seeing her take off. I’m looking forward to reliving some of the highlights of our reunion!

How will you spend your first anniversary as a couple?
I promised to take Poppy ballooning again. This time, instead of a wintry expedition in France, I’m planning a hot air balloon adventure in the tropics. I know she has a soft spot for turquoise waters and soft, white sand, while I have a weakness for Poppy in a bikini.


About Rebel’s Bargain:

rebelFive years ago, Poppy Graham married Orsino Chatsfield beneath a confetti of paparazzi flashbulbs. But in her darkest hour, he let her down. Their split was bitter, and Poppy has strived for her independence and acceptance ever since. But now her arrogant husband is back…

Injured in a climbing accident, there’s only one person Orsino can turn to…his wife! They have unfinished business, and he’ll face it before he walks away forever. But the blazing passion between them reignites in an instant, leaving Orsino to wonder whether it will kill or cure!

Welcome to The Chatsfield, London!

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The Chatsfield Uncovered! Read on for an exclusive interview with Annie West

rebelCreating a world as large as The Chatsfield must be very exciting – did you discuss the hotels with the other authors?

Absolutely! The Chatsfield authors formed a very warm and supportive group. There were lots of emails about the hotel in London and other settings as well as plenty of little details between characters and stories that had to match up. It was wonderful to be part of the community creating the Chatsfield.

What was the most fun bit about creating this luxurious, scandalous world?

I loved immersing my characters in a world where luxury is taken for granted and where all that glitters is gold, or in Poppy’s case, a range of fabulous gems. Creating the stunning jewellery and costumes for the lavish photo shoot in a French chateau was a real delight. The time I spent plotting designer dresses and priceless jewellery to match was no chore at all! It also made Orsino’s charity work stand out even more as something remarkable and worthwhile.

Did you do any extra special research for writing this book? A sneaky cocktail at an exclusive hotel perhaps?

Ah, the upside of research. I confess to a few visits to exclusive hotels in the past which have fed into this story. I particularly drew on time spent in some lovely French chateaux which came to life all over again in this book.

What did you most love about writing your story?

Falling for the dashing Orsino and barracking for my heroine, Poppy. I learned so much about them as I wrote and the more I found out about them and their past problems, the more I wanted them to find the happy ending they deserved.

When writing your hero and heroine’s story, did they surprise you in any way?

Definitely. That always happens as I write. I was intrigued to discover things in Poppy’s past that I hadn’t realised until I was a chapter or two into the book. Things that made it hard to trust the man she loved so deeply. I was also surprised to find that beneath Orsino’s harsh and unforgiving exterior was a man who felt so much. Orsino has worked all his life to keep his distance from emotional entanglements, yet he’s a man of strong passions. I loved that about him.

To your mind, who is the most scandalous Chatsfield?

anniewestCan there be any doubt? Orsino is charismatic and popular but there’s part of him that’s untamed and wild. A part of him the world can’t even guess at. Poppy and Orsino always had a volatile relationship, running off to marry privately without any of the fanfare expected of the Chatsfields. Yet within months they were leading separate lives and Orsino had turned his back on his family while rumours abounded about what exactly caused the split. Years later, after risking his neck in one dangerous stunt too many, Orsino is living openly with his long-estranged wife. Anyone can see these two can’t keep their eyes, or their hands, off each other, but it’s a bumpy ride on the road to reconciliation.

If you could have given your hero or heroine a piece of advice before they started on their journey in your story, what would it have been?

Probably that they should listen to their hearts. Their pasts have skewed their logic and twisted them both in knots. It’s only when they listen to their hearts and truly trust their feelings that they begin to sort things out.

Name five things on your table when you write.

A large spiral bound notebook with my jottings about the story.

Too many post-it notes to be tidy.

A school-made pen box which was a gift one Mother’s Day.

A small, carved, jaunty-looking, bright pink hippopotamus that was another gift.

My thesaurus.

Do you listen to music when you write?

Never. I find it too distracting. I can write in coffee shops and with other people in the house but something about music draws me out of my creative world and into someone else’s.

What is your worst habit when writing?

Reaching for a hot drink or something to nibble as I concentrate. If only I was as eager to go out for a jog!

Do you have a writing routine? If so, could you share a bit about it with us?

I’m an early bird so you won’t usually find me writing in the evening, though I’ll often spend some of that time doing other writing-related bits and pieces like blogs or emails. I tend to start early, sometimes while others in the house are asleep or as soon as they leave. If a scene is going particularly well I’ve been known to be still writing in my pyjamas late in the morning. I try not to do that as it can shock any unexpected visitors! Some mornings I start the day with exercise instead and then work. I look forward to a break around lunchtime and that’s when I’ll often head out on any errands or tackle a little gardening. Then it’s solid work through the afternoon until I catch up with family again in the evening. One of my special treats is the occasional late afternoon catch up with other writer friends at a local café, which always recharges the batteries. The staff there are used to us now and don’t turn a hair when we discuss killing off characters or heroines being forced into unwanted marriages or some other plot twist.

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Poppy and Orsino’s Brunch

Setting: A private French chateau after an early morning hot air balloon ride


To drink

Chocolat Chaud or Café Crème on arrival to warm up

Freshly squeezed juices

Vintage champagne

To eat

Freshly baked croissants and brioches

served with home-made apricot and peach jams

Choice of

Brouillade de Truffes (Eggs with black truffles)


Omelette with estate-cured ham and fresh herbs


Eggs Benedict with smoked salmon


Asparagus with hollandaise sauce

Miniature chèvre and caramelised onion tartlets

Selection of local cheeses with freshly baked bread, honey and walnuts

Crêpes with raspberries and vanilla-scented crème fraiche

Basket of fresh fruit

  About Rebel’s Bargain:

When the thrill-seeker returns!

rebelFive years ago, Poppy Graham married Orsino Chatsfield beneath a confetti of paparazzi flashbulbs. But in her darkest hour, he let her down. Their split was bitter, and Poppy has strived for her independence and acceptance ever since. But now her arrogant husband is back…

Injured in a climbing accident, there’s only one person Orsino can turn to..his wife! They have unfinished business, and he’ll face it before he walks away forever. But the blazing passion between them reignites in an instant, leaving Orsino to wonder whether it will kill or cure!

Welcome to The Chatsfield, London!


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Excerpt: Damaso Claims His Heir by Annie West

Do you believe opposites attract? The latest book from Annie West proves that this might be the case, when Damasco falls for Marisa, a princess with quite the reputation…

About Damaso Claims His Heir:

damascoWhen opposites attract! 

Damaso Pires should have known better than to get involved with Marisa—the scandalous princess of Bengaria! Yet soon he sees her true beauty and flawless virtue, which touches a place in him he thought ruthlessly destroyed by his childhood on the streets of Brazil.

But their brief affair becomes permanent when Marisa reveals she’s pregnant.

Damaso knows the sting of illegitimacy and, having fought tooth and nail to claw his way up to the dizzying heights of international success and financial infamy, he won’t let his child slip from his grasp. There’s only one way to claim his heir, and that’s marriage!


Damaso saw her and his breath snagged in his lungs.

He who’d had women dancing to his tune well before he made his first million.

How long since one had quickened his pulse? He’d known divas and duchesses, models and Madonnas. In the early days there’d been tourists by the armful, and one memorable tango dancer whose sinuous body and blatant sexuality had made his teenage self burn with need. None had affected him the way she did—without effort.

For the first time she was alone, not laughing with her coterie of men. He was surprised to see her crouched, photographing flowers on the rainforest floor. She was so engrossed, she didn’t notice him.
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Excerpt: More Precious than a Crown by Carol Marinelli

What happens when a prince has a second chance with the woman he walked away from? Find out in the latest book from Carol Marinelli!

About More Precious than a Crown:

crownThe woman he shouldn’t crave 

Desert prince Zahid once walked away from Trinity Foster and the fire blazing in her eyes. As heir to the kingdom of Ishla, he was required by duty to return home, but even the heat of the desert was unable to burn away memories of their scorching kiss….

A chance encounter results in one earth-shattering night that brings more than just passion. As painful truths of the past are revealed, Zahid realizes that Trinity needs his protection. His only option is to bring her back to Ishla, and though she’s strictly forbidden, walking away from her again is impossible!



Sheikh Prince Zahid’s response was immediate.

The king, his son and Abdul, the king’s chief aide, were walking through the second palace of Ishla, discussing the refurbishments that were necessary if it were to be inhabited again. As they walked Abdul discussed the diaries of the royal prince and king and raised the matter of Donald Foster’s wedding.

The Fosters had always imbued a certain discomfort in Zahid—loud, brash, their egos and need to further themselves at all costs had not sat comfortably with Zahid. As he had matured he had done his best to politely sever contact but Donald had remained persistent and they still occasionally kept in touch.

‘But Donald has asked you to be his best man.’

Zahid’s jaw tightened a fraction as Abdul spoke on. Zahid had not told his father that just last week Donald had called, asking him if he would be his best man at his wedding to Yvette. Zahid had said to Donald that, while flattered, he had duties in his homeland at that time and would not be able to attend. He had rather hoped that that would be the end of it, but of course Donald had persisted and it would now appear that a formal invitation had been sent, along with a repeated request that Zahid be Donald’s best man. ‘I have already explained that I cannot attend his wedding,’ Zahid said to Abdul. ‘Offer my apologies and arrange a gift…’

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