Blindsided by a sweet-talking tycoon

by Trish Morey, author of Tycoon’s Temptation 

Don’t you love it when a character waltzes into a story and thinks he’s going to waltz out again, mission accomplished, before you get to chapter two… only to get the shock of his or her life when things don’t quite go to plan?

Franco Chatsfield is just such a character. With a fistful of dollars in his pockets, he assumes that getting a signature on a contract with Purman Wines in South Australia’s famous Coonawarra wine district will be a breeze and he’ll be home before the ink is dry.

What he doesn’t count on in Holly Purman. Pint-sized and in her drab khaki work-clothes, she should be a pushover. But there’s a strength in Holly – and a history – that means Holly isn’t about to let any man, no matter how rich, ride roughshod over her dreams for her vineyard and her wines.

Forced to work together for six weeks, it’s a different kind of aggravation that comes to the fore and simmers between Franco and Holly as they work side by side, and soon, one taste is not enough.

I loved the fact this story was set in the vineyards of my home state, even though we get a glimpse at the fabulous Chatsfield Sydney along the way. I loved that I was able to give a hint of the beautiful Adelaide Hills where I live, filled with orchards and vineyards and gum trees where koalas live and never fail to delight.

RT Reviews liked it too, and awarded Tycoon’s Temptation 4.5 stars – here’s what they said…

Holly Purman was blindsided by a sweet- talking tycoon once before, so when Mr. Arrogant makes an offer for Purman Wines, she is ready to disrespectfully decline. Franco Chatsfield thought he had the Purman contact in the bag until Holly nixed it. He counters with a deal that neither can refuse. Morey’s poignant romance stars a once-burnt vintner heroine and a complicated, enigmatic hero. The rural-to-urban landscapes amaze, the winemaking facts elucidate and perfectly placed humor entertains.
Reviewed By: Debbie Haupt

I hope you enjoy this latest instalment in The Chatsfield continuity. Which is your favourite story so far?

About Tycoon’s Temptation:

tycoonstemptationWhen the black sheep doesn’t get his way! 

Franco Chatsfield never lived by his family’s rules, and he isn’t going to start now. But The Chatsfield’s new CEO needs Franco to secure a partnership, and he can’t say no. He’ll seal the deal and leave. But one woman stands in his way….

Holly Purman has devoted her life to her family’s vineyard, and she won’t risk it all for a Chatsfield, so she’ll give Franco six weeks to prove himself. But working together sends their senses reeling, and when one taste isn’t enough, they quickly discover the price of temptation!

Welcome to The Chatsfield, Sydney!

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A special treat for your favourite hero

by Sharon Kendrick, author of The Housekeeper’s Awakening

Every hero and heroine is unique, and the way they react towards each other is unique.  It’s called chemistry – and that’s my answer when I get asked  how I can write so many love stories.   I like to get the defining characteristics of my main players on the page as soon as possible, which is why I opened THE HOUSEKEEPER’S AWAKENING with Carly making alfajores.

Why is she making alfajores?

What are alfajores?  (A delicious south American cookie, since you ask!!)

She’s staring at the corn-starch underneath her fingernails while an angry voice shouts her name, and the reasons why quickly become apparent.

Her sexy boss loves to eat cookies from his homeland, but he is very short-tempered and demanding – hence the angry shout.  He’s an action man who has been confined to bed because he was injured during a charity car-race.  He’s also very frustrated – but fortunately, Carly doesn’t fancy him one bit.

Or does she?

Isn’t it funny how prolonged exposure to something makes you look at it in a completely different light? Suddenly, Carly is seeing a side of Luis she’s never seen before and she likes it.  She likes it a bit too much.

Because Carly has dreams of her own.  Dreams which require her to be single-minded and hard-working – and the last thing she needs is an arrogant heart-throb who is determined to find out whether she tastes as sweet as an alfajore.

I always like to be able to identify with my heroines and so decided to make my own version of the famous south American cookie.  I downloaded a recipe and laboriously (because I’m hopeless at maths) worked out the conversion of US measurements to UK ones.  (Which was probably a good idea, since one cup of butter sounds a lot more innocent than 227 grammes!).

Despite not have right sized cookie-cutter, they turned out much better than I’d dared hope.  And considering the amount of butter they contained, were deliciously light.

Here they are, cooling on the rack


And with my gorgeous South American bird looking over my shoulder.


And here is a photo of Luis and Carly in the magical setting of the south of France


So what do you like to cook as a special treat for your favourite hero (or heroine!)

About The Housekeeper’s Awakening:

At her boss’s beck and call… 

Recovering from a terrible car accident, world renowned playboy Luis Martinez is bored, grumpy and frustrated. He’s sick of nurses fussing over him, so he fires the lot and demands his sweet, innocent housekeeper massage him back to health!

Carly Conner has spent her life trying not to be noticed. But now with her boss looking at her differently, every day the tantalizing tension between them grows. When Luis whisks her away to his villa in the south of France, how long will she be able to deny the temptation he poses…especially when he makes a second shocking proposition?

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Under the Microscope: Read on for an exclusive interview with Antonio Chatsfield

by Abby Green, author of Rival’s Challenge

If you had to pick your most public scandalous moment, what would it be?Probably taking two women back to a hotel suite after a night in a club, but what the press didn’t see was how quickly I threw them out once I realised that they weren’t what I wanted. Because I didn’t know what I wanted until I saw Orla Kennedy.

Was there an even more scandalous event that didn’t make it into the press?Joining the French Foreign Legion. They missed that one until I’d been there six months.

What is your biggest secret?
It’s a secret.

What do you love most about Orla?
Her prissy work suits that make me want to rip them off. And I usually do.

What were your first thoughts when you saw Orla?
I couldn’t think. I could only want.

If your house was on fire and you could only save one thing, what would it be?Her.

What is the naughtiest thing you did at school?
I led an expedition to the nearest girls’ school. I was ten.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?
Staying in bed all day with my wife.

What is your worst habit?
Over-protectiveness. It drives Orla crazy.

What is your favourite film?
Don’t tell anyone, but it’s Bambi.

What present would you put beneath the Christmas tree for Orla?
I would put the world if I could, but I usually settle for whatever high-tech gadget she’s most lusting after to help her organise her life even more. Along with lots of other frivolous items of course.

How will you spend your first anniversary as a couple?
Re-enacting the night we met in the Chatsfield hotel bar.


About Rival’s Challenge:

rival's challengeWhen one night with a stranger becomes more…

Franco Chatsfield never lived by his On the eve of a business deal, nerves get the better of Orla Kennedy, and a drink with a handsome stranger ends in a night of passion she’ll never forget! Only after does Orla discover that the man in question is Antonio Chatsfield–her rival!

Antonio never wanted to return to The Chatsfield, but his sister needs his help, so he has little choice. But when he meets the woman who came apart in his bed just hours before, Antonio decides to set his sights on a different kind of merger… air max 90

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The Chatsfield Uncovered! Read on for an exclusive interview with Abby Green

rival's challengeCreating a world as large as The Chatsfield must be very exciting – did you discuss the hotels with the other authors?

It was very exciting! And yes, we set up a group to talk and discuss our stories.

What was the most fun bit about creating this luxurious, scandalous world?

It was like stepping into a glamorous setting from a movie and meeting all the characters was as exciting as meeting your own.

Did you do any extra special research for writing this book? A sneaky cocktail at an exclusive hotel perhaps?

Any excuse for research – especially if it involves cocktails in a plush exclusive hotel bar.

What did you most love about writing your story?

I loved the fact that Antonio and Orla are on opposite sides of the conference table, literally, but their attraction keeps getting in the way.

When writing your hero and heroine’s story, did they surprise you in any way?

I was surprised by my heroine’s willingness and readiness to change.

To your mind, who is the most scandalous Chatsfield?

I’d have to be loyal to my hero and say Antonio. After all, he is the eldest. After a debauched youth falling out of nightclubs, he went off to join the French Foreign Legion, you can’t get much more scandalous than that!

If you could have given your hero or heroine a piece of advice before they started on their journey in your story, what would it have been?

I would say to my heroine: beware of tall dark strangers in dimly lit seductive hotel bars.

Name five things on your table when you write.

Cup of tea
Cork-board with printout of continuity details.
Lots of pens!

Do you listen to music when you write?

No, I find it distracting.

What is your worst habit when writing?

Checking the internet – emails, Facebook, Twitter…sigh.

Do you have a writing routine? If so, could you share a bit about it with us?

I work best in the mornings. nike air max sneakers

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Excerpt: A Night in the Prince’s Bed by Cathy Williams

In the latest Presents from Cathy Williams, an actress must prove she hasn’t been using a handsom prince for her own publicity!

About A Night in the Prince’s Bed: air max

princesbedActions speak louder than words 

Beautiful Mina Hart has overcome her hearing impairment to become a leading theater actress. But one stolen night with a gorgeous stranger turns into headline news when it’s revealed he is the prince of Storvhal.

Devastated when he accuses her of using him for publicity, Mina travels to his icy Scandinavian country to proclaim her innocence. But while she’s hiding in his car she falls asleep, and wakes up at Prince Aksel’s private retreat!

A heavy snowfall traps them in, and now she must rely on her senses to read this haunted and intensely private prince!


He was here. Again.

Mina had told herself that she would not look for him, but as she stepped out from the wings her eyes darted to the audience thronged in the standing area in front of the stage, and her heart gave a jolt when she saw him.

The unique design of Shakespeare’s Globe on London’s South Bank meant that the actors on stage could see the individual faces of the audience. The theatre was a modern reconstruction of the famous Elizabethan playhouse, an amphitheatre with an open roof, above which the sky was now turning to indigo as dusk gathered. To try to recreate the atmosphere of the original theatre, minimal lighting was used, and without the glare of footlights Mina could clearly see the man’s chiselled features; his razor-edged cheekbones and resolute jaw shaded with stubble that exacerbated his raw masculinity.

His mouth was unsmiling, almost stern, yet his lips held a sensual promise that Mina found intriguing. From the stage she could not make out the colour of his eyes, but she noted the lighter streaks in his dark blond hair. He was wearing the same black leather jacket he had worn on the three previous evenings, and he was so devastatingly sexy that Mina could not tear her eyes from him.

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