“Switching the hero and heroine’s roles”: Melanie Milburne on At No Man’s Command + Giveaway!

by Melanie Milburne, author of  At No Man’s Command

I’m currently hiding away at our beach house on the east coast of Tasmania in order to finish a book with a horrifyingly close deadline. It’s winter here so I have the place to myself, apart from my three miniature poodles! Each day I walk along the long isolated beach and watch for dolphins and whales and the amazing birdlife. Yesterday I saw a seal who was playing just metres off the shore.

I absolutely adore the solitude, which is exactly what my hero James Challender is after when he turns up. No, not here in Tasmania but in the highlands of Scotland!

But his mother’s isolated mansion is currently occupied with someone from the past- Aiesha Adams, a former street kid and wild child, and now Vegas lounge singer.

Aiesha has run away from the press after a scandal in Vegas and taken shelter in the home of the woman who took her from the streets of London years ago when she was a troubled teenager. But when the uptight James Challender arrives expecting to have the place to himself, while his mother is abroad, sparks soon fly.

She sashayed over to him, deliberately trailing one of her fingertips along the whitened tendons on the back of one of his clenched fists. ‘Loosen up, James. You’re as wound as a tight spring. If you need an outlet for all that pressure- ’ she batted her impossibly long eyelashes at him, ‘-just call me, OK?’

James forced himself to endure the electric shock of her touch without flinching. He forced himself not to look at her mouth, where the tip of her pink tongue had left a moistly glistening trail. He forced himself not to slam her against the nearest wall and slake the fireball of his lust by plunging into her hot, wet warmth and doing what he’d always wanted to do to her. Every cell in his body was vibrating with need, and what sickened him the most was she damn well knew it. ‘Get the freaking hell out of my sight.’

Her eyes glinted with devilment. ‘I love it when a man talks dirty to me.’ She gave an exaggerated little shiver that made her braless breasts jiggle beneath her sweater. ‘It makes me come in a flash.’

What I really enjoyed about writing this story was switching the hero and heroine’s roles around. I’ve written a lot of bad boys but this time I wanted my heroine to be a bit naughty. James is repressed compared to Aiesha, which made it a heap of fun isolating them in a snowbound Scottish mansion.

I have a signed copy of At No Man’s Command for a reader.

Where do you go when you need some space to think? Or if you can’t get away, where would you like to go?

Happy reading!

Melanie Milburne x

Giveaway! Answer the above question to win a signed copy of At No Man’s Command. Contest will end on July 24th at 11:59 pm ET, and a winner will be selected by random draw on July 25th. Open to residents of US and Canada, excluding Quebec. For full giveaway rules, click here.

About At No Man’s Command:

atnomanscommandThe shock engagement of the century! 

It looks like our favorite tearaway, the notorious Aiesha Adams, is trying to change her spots. Inside sources have revealed that not only is she currently holed up in the Scottish countryside with the gorgeous aristocrat James Challender, but the pair are secretly engaged!

We’ve always had a soft spot for Aiesha, and with rumors of her unhappy childhood trailing her footsteps wherever she goes, we knew her wild streak hid something more. But we thought Aiesha and James were sworn enemies…perhaps when there are fireworks outside the bedroom, the sparks are just too impossible to resist!



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Meet Narciso Valentino from The Ultimate Playboy

by Maya Blake, author of The Ultimate Playboy

My name is Narciso Valentino. Yes, my father thought it would be a cruel joke to give me that name. Little did he know I’d grow comfortably and effortlessly into it!

I love money and power and the fact that they allow me to indulge in Q Virtus, my playground and, unfortunately, my father’s, too, but let’s forget him for now.

The anonymity Q Virtus provides means I can lower my guard a little, be whatever and whomever I want to be for a little while. I can indulge in my most decadent wishes, my every whim fulfilled before I even think it. In a world where decadence and excess are becoming boringly commonplace, Q Virtus excels in whetting even my jaded appetites.

I make no apologies for my appetites.

After all…

I have money.

I have power.

I love Q Virtus and the oblivion it provides…every now and then.

What I don’t love is Ruby Trevelli. Her innocence calls to me. Her determination and talent dazzle me. Her body sends mine into a state of maddening want. I want to take her. Ruin her…bask in her warmth and light so I don’t feel so cold…

But that’s impossible. I am Narciso. I have no conscience. No love. No mercy. I will take what I need and the rest can fall to ashes. And if Ruby stands in my way, I may listen to her for a moment or two.

Because this sizzle-under-the-skin feeling is intriguing. She intrigues me. It will not last. Nothing ever lasts. But, si, she is an indulgence I’m prepared to accommodate for a while. Maybe more than a little while…

About The Ultimate Playboy:

theultimateplayboyA virgin in the lion’s den… 

Tonight at the gaming tables of the impossibly exclusive gentleman’s club Q Virtus, ruthless billionaire Narciso Valentino is finally about to destroy his enemy. But one look at the club’s curvaceous hostess assigned to see to his every need and he’s willing to delay the moment of satisfaction—for another kind altogether… 

Talented chef Ruby Trevelli is there to force Narciso to save her business—not give him her virginity. Yet beneath Narciso’s lethally sexy exterior is a tortured man who believes himself beyond redemption, and Ruby is soon facing the ultimate temptation—with the ultimate playboy!

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A Feisty Southern Belle and A Harsh Desert King

by Lynn Raye Harris, author of Carrying the Sheikh’s Heir

This month, book 2 in my Heirs to the Throne of Kyr series is finally out!  In book 1, you briefly met Rashid al-Hassan, the ice-cold brooding brother of Kadir. From the moment Rashid appeared, I knew I was going to love him.  I didn’t know what had made him so cold and harsh, but I knew it was going to be something bad.

And it was. Poor Rashid, afraid to love again for fear that love would be snatched cruelly away from him the way it was the first time. He is determined not to let Sheridan Sloane get close for any reason.

And poor Sheridan, trying to do the right thing for her sister! Trying to give her sister a baby when she finds out she got the wrong sperm from the clinic. And not just some random man’s sperm either, but a desert king’s!

Obviously, Rashid and Sheridan have a lot of issues. I really enjoyed throwing together my feisty Southern Belle and my harsh desert king. Oh, they made the pages sizzle!  They surprised me with their passion, how quickly it ignited, and how intense it was. They burned up the pages!

But burning up pages—or sheets—is not enough for Sheridan. She needs more from Rashid, and he is so reluctant to give it. He gets there, but not without a lot of angst and a lot of soul-searching. I promise you lots of passion, emotion, sizzle—and even a little bit of danger—in this one!

I hope you enjoy the conclusion to the Heirs to the Throne of Kyr series.  I really loved both these brothers so much.  They are some of the most fun I’ve had writing for Presents and I am very partial to them!



He muttered something in Arabic and then he was looking at her, his burning gaze penetrating deep. There was frost in his voice. “Miss Sloane, I think you misunderstand something about what’s going on here.”

Her heart skipped. Why was he so beautiful? And why was he such a contrast? He was fire and ice in one person. Hot eyes, cold heart. It almost made her sad. But why should it? She did not know him, and what she did know so far hadn’t endeared him to her. “Do I?”

“Indeed. I am not Mr. Rashid.”

“Then who are you?”

He looked haughty and her stomach threatened to heave again. Because there was something familiar about that face, she realized. She’d seen it on the news a few weeks ago.

He spoke, his voice clear and firm and lightly accented. “I am King Rashid bin Zaid al-Hassan, the Great Protector of my people, the Lion of Kyr, and Defender of the Throne. And you, Miss Sloane, may be carrying my heir.”


About Carrying the Sheikh’s Heir:

carryingheirThe desert king’s reluctant bride!

She’d meant to have a baby for her sister, but an IVF clinic mix-up means party planner Sheridan Sloane is now carrying the heir of Rashid al-Hassan, the desert king of Kyr!

Rashid demands marriage, but Sheridan isn’t convinced—he’s sinfully sexy, but his heart is encased in ice. Yet Rashid will not give her a choice—he kidnaps her!

Swept away to the desert sands, Sheridan desires escape. But when Rashid takes her to his bed, she soon craves something else entirely…. Can she thaw this proud sheikh’s heart, or will she have to love enough for two?

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Fun With Fifth Avenue

by Kate Hewitt, author of Expose Me

When I was approached to take part in what was to become the Fifth Avenue Trilogy, I was beyond excited. I love trying new things and challenging myself as a writer, and being part of this trilogy accomplished both. Plus, who doesn’t like a healthy dose of scandal, glamor, emotion and angst?

The Fifth Avenue Trilogy centers on three men and their revenge plot to take down Jason Treffen, the man who was responsible for a woman’s death ten years before—and lots of other women’s suffering.

The three heroes, Austin, Hunter and Alex, all had different relationships to Sarah, the woman who died, and they’re all tormented in different ways about how to avenge her death. And, of course, they all need heroines to match them in strength and sass. My story, Expose Me, is the last of the trilogy and focuses on Alex, the poor kid from the Bronx who made good, even if he doesn’t feel that way inside. The heroine of Expose Me is more than match for Alex—Chelsea Maxwell, a celebrity talk-show host who has a lot of secrets.

The Fifth Avenue Trilogy combines so many elements I love as both a writer and reader: intense emotion, sizzling passion, snappy dialogue and a compelling story. I’ve been so honored to be a part of this series, and I hope you enjoying reading Expose Me. What’s your favorite part of a book—the emotion, the characters, the love scenes, the dialogue? So many to choose from!

Happy reading,


About Expose Me:


With ruthless determination, Alex Diaz has risen up from his deprived roots to become the head of a global media empire. But he has one last thing to achieve…avenge his friend by destroying the man responsible for her death, Jason Treffen. With stunning talk-show host Chelsea Maxwell about to interview Treffen live on TV, this is Alex’s chance.

He’ll use her show to exact a very public revenge—and seducing Chelsea, if needed, would certainly be no hardship. But he underestimates Chelsea and the attraction between them, and as their relationship deepens, Alex realizes that to annihilate Treffen could also shatter the life that Chelsea has built to protect herself….

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What New Thing Have You Tackled? + Giveaway!

by Tara Pammi, author of A Deal with Demakis

In my latest release, A Deal with Demakis, the hero Nikos plans to use the heroine Lexi to lure her ex/his sister’s current boyfriend away from his sister. Until, in a strange little twist of fate, he begins to fall for the spunky Lexi himself.

I had so much fun writing the interactions between my heroine Lexi and the hero Nikos. Even though they have both had rough upbringings, they are such polar opposites in temperament and their outlook that it was both hilarious and energizing to see them understand the other and then understand themselves better.

Lexi’s naiveté, compassion and her big heart, despite where her life started, drives Nikos crazy. While his harsh words shatter the safe and false cocoon Lexi has woven around her life to keep herself safe, Lexi’s capacity for compassion unravels Nikos.

Nikos pushes Lexi to look out for her own financial security, gives her the strength to trust her artistic talent, reveals how she’s been hiding beneath her fear of having no one who would love her.

So of course, what does she do with her new lease on life?

Lexi decides to tackle it head on by diving into a heated affair with Nikos…

Here’s a small snippet of what Nikos had unleashed… :)

“Ever since I have realized what a pathetic idiot I have been all these years, I have also realized I’m not completely without appeal.

I might not be packing in the boob and leg department and probably hold little attraction to a man with refined tastes like you, but there are other fish in the sea. Cute, dimpled, down-to-earth fish like Piers, for example, who find me attractive and wouldn’t dream of calling me names in a million years.”

Obviously you can imagine what Nikos is thinking right now, don’t you? ;)

Like Lexi, I have been trying to tackle some of the things I have been hiding from because of fear. No, it doesn’t involve a six foot three inch Greek male but small things that I have believed to keep myself safe – like how I’ve hidden myself behind work and kids for the past few years and forgotten how to make friends…

How about you? What new thing have you tackled lately – big or small?

Drop a comment and let me know. I’ll pick a winner and send a signed copy of A Deal With Demakis and you can read about where Lexi’s new lease on life led her.

About A Deal With Demakis:

dealWhen the devil commands… 

Nikos Demakis’s plan is set. With his eye firmly on the CEO position of his grandfather’s business he will finally lay his past to rest. And Lexi Nelson holds the key. She might resist, she’ll definitely try to negotiate, but Nikos always gets what he wants.

Lexi has never met anyone like Nikos. The power that he exudes is almost overwhelming. Almost. She’s determined to prove that she’s more than a match for him. But as the playing field changes from power to passion, it soon becomes a battle of wills that she’s not sure she wants to win!

Giveaway! Let us know what new thing you’ve tackled, and win a copy of A Deal With DemakisContest will end on July 20th at 11:59 pm ET, and a winner will be selected by random draw on July 21st. Open to residents of US and Canada, excluding Quebec. For full giveaway rules, click here.

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