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“Sometimes it’s the little things that brighten someone’s day”: Rachael Thomas on A Deal Before the Altar

by Rachael Thomas, author of A Deal Before the Altar How far would you go to ensure a family member’s happiness? Throw a party? Pay for something? These are fairly tame suggestions in comparison to what Georgina Henshaw does. She wants … Continue reading »

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Do you know where you’re going to?

by Diana Ross Lucy King, author of The Party Starts at Midnight So I’m nearly at the end of writing the book I imaginatively call ‘Leo & Abby’ (and which will eventually be called The Party Starts at Midnight) when … Continue reading »

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Subscribe to Presents and Stay Ahead of the Game!

Want to stay on the cutting edge of Presents new releases? Harlequin’s subscription service may be just what you’re looking for. Every month, two new eBooks are delivered to your online bookshelf! Click here to find out more about Presents … Continue reading »

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"My mother encouraged me in my writing my whole life" Lucy Ellis on A Dangerous Solace

by Lucy Ellis, author of A Dangerous Solace My mother died on September 24th this year.  I didn’t think I was going to be up to writing this post about A Dangerous Solace but it occurred to me it gave … Continue reading »

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Let Me Tell You A Secret!

By Maya Blake, author of Marriage Made of Secrets write my essay for me We all love a good secret, don”t we? Juicy secrets that we”d love to share but can”t. Scandalous but often harmless secrets that we only share with our … Continue reading »

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