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Want to stay on the cutting edge of Presents new releases? Harlequin’s subscription service may be just what you’re looking for. Every month, two new eBooks are delivered to your online bookshelf! Click here to find out more about Presents … Continue reading »

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"My mother encouraged me in my writing my whole life" Lucy Ellis on A Dangerous Solace

by Lucy Ellis, author of A Dangerous Solace My mother died on September 24th this year.  I didn’t think I was going to be up to writing this post about A Dangerous Solace but it occurred to me it gave … Continue reading »

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Let Me Tell You A Secret!

By Maya Blake, author of Marriage Made of Secrets write my essay for me We all love a good secret, don”t we? Juicy secrets that we”d love to share but can”t. Scandalous but often harmless secrets that we only share with our … Continue reading »

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An American in Presents

By Lynn Raye Harris, author of A Façade to Shatter  buy cigars online Hello, dear readers!  Today I want to tell you about my new book, A Façade to Shatter, which is Book 6 in the Sicily’s Corretti Dynasty series. I can’t believe … Continue reading »

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Jennifer Hayward on The Divorce Party and Walking A Mile in Another’s Shoes

by Jennifer Hayward, author of The Divorce Party (Harlequin Presents, October 2013) They say the truth is stranger than fiction… so I guess it’s only fitting a real-life story was the inspiration behind my debut, The Divorce Party. One morning, sitting with … Continue reading »

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