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Love and Lust: Harrington and Chatsfield

by Carol Marinelli, author of Princess’s Secret Baby It was so much fun being a part of The Chatsfield miniseries and entering this glamorous world. I especially enjoyed the rivalry between the Chatsfield and Harrington hotels. I love to write … Continue reading »

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An Island Getaway

by Michelle Smart, author of The Russian’s Ultimatum In the Presents series of books, there are three things that are guaranteed: passion; eternal, enduring love; and… exotic settings. Some settings are, naturally, more exotic than others, but they all have the … Continue reading »

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Five Inspirations behind Nine Months to Redeem Him

by Jennie Lucas, author of Nine Months to Redeem Him There’s a question every author gets asked: “Where do you get your ideas?” I never know how to answer, because I honestly don’t know. Novels come together in some big … Continue reading »

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Music Is a Wondrous Thing”: Maggie Cox on A Rule Worth Breaking

by Maggie Cox, author of A Rule Worth Breaking The evocative nature of music is a wondrous thing. A song or a rhythm can lift your emotions up to the skies and equally, can make you plummet to the depths. … Continue reading »

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Adding a bit of Gothic flair…

by Caitlin Crews, author of His For Revenge When I was a girl I adored Daphne Du Maurier books—really, any book with a bit of Gothic flair. One of the finest nights of my life was spent in an English … Continue reading »

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