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Get a Very Special Look at In the Brazilian’s Debt by Susan Stephens!

I love horses. I love hot guys. I love hot guys on horseback. I love hot, wild polo guys on horseback in particular. And now I have a confession to make. I’m sure you know my own, personal ‘Love At … Continue reading »

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The Season’s Most Scandalous Society Weddings Are On the Way!

by Jennifer Hayward, author of Book One: The Italian’s Deal for I Do Meet the Columbia Four—the season’s most scandalous Society Weddings are on the way! What happens when four of the world’s most eligible bachelors are forced to give … Continue reading »

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Amanda Cinelli on wedding planners, bridezillas and creating the perfect wedding!

by Amanda Cinelli, author of Resisting the Sicilian Playboy (Winner of 2014 So You Think You Can Write) I think most women dream of the day they get to plan their own wedding. Choosing the perfect dress and walking down the … Continue reading »

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Some secrets are too shocking to ever reveal!

by Chantelle Shaw, author of To Wear His Ring Again  To the rest of the world Marchesese Constantin de Severino seemed to have everything a man could want: wealth, power and incredible looks that attract women to him like bees to … Continue reading »

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“It all starts with a little lie…”

 by Tara Pammi, author of The Man to Be Reckoned With It’s my hymen, Nate, Not my heart. Have I got your attention yet? As you might have guessed, that’s the heroine of my brand spanking new Harlequin Presents, The Man … Continue reading »

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