Losing My (Sheikh) Virginity to Rahim Al-Hadi

by Maya Blake, author of The Di Sione Secret Baby

From the moment I sold to Harlequin Presents, I knew I would write a sheikh story as soon as I possibly could. What I hadn’t anticipated was that the story idea could come in a form of an incredible dynastic continuity!

The story of The Billionaire’s Legacy is awe-inspiring from start to finish, but I simply adored Allegra Di Sione and Rahim Al-Hadi’s story. Take an alpha, ex-playboy, now ruler of a rich fictional kingdom, a strong-minded, independent modern heroine who doesn’t suffer fools (or playboys) gladly, and throw in a secret baby, and you have the perfect ingredients for an explosive story—which was just the way I love my romances.

Of course, being my very first sheikh story, I simply had to indulge myself. Here are the five things I loved most about writing my very first sheikh story.

  1. The chance to indulge my naughty fairy tale side by writing a secret passage that leads straight from the heroine’s quarters to the hero’s in a scene of the most perfect seduction, and with a very neat twist of Allegra being the seducer!
  1. A fairytale wedding on a petal-strewn beach complete with unique customs and ancient vows.
  1. Followed by a wedding night in a Bedouin tent complete with witnesses (you’ll have to read the book to find out how that went down!).
  1. Researching the history of the world-famous Faberge Eggs. What a treat!
  1. As always, watching two people who hate each other at the beginning of the book, fall deeply and irrevocably in love by the end of the book. And crowning my heroine, a QUEEN!



If you were to run off with any of the heroes from The Billionaire’s Legacy, which one would it be?

Definitely Rahim Al-Hadi. He’s the ruler of his own kingdom! What’s not to love?

Which Lost Mistress would you most like to be given and why?

The Faberge Egg for sure! The history behind and the Russian Dynasty who loved those treasures is incredible.

Where and when do you most like writing?

I don’t have an official ‘office’ so I write in bed on my lap desk. Since becoming a full-time writer, I’ve learned to adopt a 9-5 approach to my writing.

When was the strangest time that inspiration struck you about one of your books?

I always have moments at the break of dawn between sleep and wakefulness when my imagination goes insane. I’ve learned to keep a pad and pen nearby to scribble ideas down before I lose them. I’ve just sent in a book about a ski-jumper heroine who came to me this way J

What’s been your most Harlequin Presents real life moment?

Literally bumping into a tall, dark, piercing-blue eyed hunk in Covent Garden, London. He had his phone glued to his ear, but he steadied me with his other hand and smiled at me before walking away (he had perfect teeth and the most incredible smile, of course!). I could’ve died happy in that moment!

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

Snuggling under the covers on a rainy day with a good book and chocolate. Can’t have one without the other.


About The Di Sione Secret Baby:

0816-9780373134557-bigw“This antique box can be my wedding gift to you.” 

Charity CEO Allegra Di Sione can’t fail in her mission to retrieve her grandfather’s beloved box from Sheikh Rahim Al-Hadi, which is why she gets caught in Rahim’s sumptuous bedroom trying to steal it!

Seducing the gorgeous sheikh is her only chance at escape! But when Allegra slips away the next morning, she’s unaware she now carries something infinitely more precious—and that when Rahim finds out, he’ll have no choice but to make his enticing thief his queen!

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