I Heart Presents Loves…Virgin Heroines

by Grace Thiele, Editorial Assistant

We at Presents love a virgin heroine! Nothing adds to the characters’ emotional journey together quite like that ultimate vulnerability – whether she’s insecure and in need of protection, or confidently defiant and knows exactly what she wants, it’ll be the ultimate test for our Alpha heroes. They’ll have to prove that they’re worthy of their heroine’s trust. And a 21st century virgin, with all her reasons for staying that way, tends to complicate what should be a straightforward seduction!

A hero and heroine making love in a Harlequin Presents is always special. Magical. Odds are, that first time together will change their lives forever. Sexual awakening is a big part of our books – an experience so incredible that you know it could never be the same with anyone else. For a virgin heroine, she’s trusting him with a part of herself she knows nothing about. And it changes her forever.

On the hero’s side, it’s an emotional awakening. We have plenty of dedicated bachelors on our rosters: men who have sex for fun, but who never, ever emotionally commit. A virgin heroine that they just can’t resist might be enough to completely flip all their expectations on their heads. Her undeniable emotional vulnerability brings out something new in him that he’s never known before.

Don’t we all wish for, long for, hope for that? To find someone truly incredible, who’s maybe seen the world and known more than you ever will, only to discover that you’re a kind of ‘first’ to him as well?

And don’t forget – there’ve been virgin heroes too! Although far rarer than an innocent heroine, sometimes they’re the one that has to take that leap into the unknown!

Personally, I think that a virgin heroine can bring a whole new dynamic to the relationship. The hero might be determined that he’s only after one thing, until he realises that when he meets someone unlike any he’s known before, and his emotions unexpectedly get involved! And there’s something so exciting about an innocent heroine deciding exactly who – and what! – she wants, and then taking it for herself.

So what are you favourite virgin romances – and why?! Let us know in the comments!

About Carides’s Forgotten Wife:

0816-9780373134564-bigwOnce forbidden, now for bedding! 

Greek billionaire Leon Carides has it all: wealth, power, notoriety, even a wife—though he’s never touched his convenient, innocent bride. Then an accident rids this damaged, debauched playboy of his memories…

Leon remembers nothing, except his wife’s sparkling blue eyes. Now the desire he feels for Rose overrides the gaps in his past, making her impossible to resist! But when his sins catch up with him, can Rose forgive the mistakes of the man he once was? Or will Leon lose more than just his memory?

Amazon | Barnes & Noble | Google Play | Kobo | iBooks

About The Playboy’s Ruthless Pursuit:

0816-9780373134571-bigwHis most challenging conquest 

When you’re as handsome, dynamic and wealthy as British tycoon Jeremy Barker-Whittle, there’s no shortage of stunning women willing to share your bed. So when Alice Waterhouse says no, it’s a challenge the jaded playboy can’t refuse.

But discovering Alice’s carefully guarded innocence brings an end to Jeremy’s thoughts of briefly stolen passion. The cynical CEO must put aside this delicate beauty…until Alice shocks him by asking him to take her virginity!

As Jeremy toys with the temptation to be the first man to show Alice pleasure, he’s unaware that she could be the first woman to tame him…

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