How to Shop Like a Billionaire

by Grace Thiele, Editorial Assistant 

If billionaires know how to do one thing, it’s how to treat a lady to a shopping spree. (They’re no slouches in the wardrobe department themselves, either!)

Cinderella story, do I hear you say?! Billionaires love transforming their heroine into the belle of the ball, and it doesn’t get more fairytale than couture designer Elie Saab – rumored to be especially popular among the Sheikhs and Sheikhs of the Middle East…

And who needs a fairy godmother –billionaires can just buy their Princess her Cinderella shoes from Christian Louboutin!

Of course, when he’s escorting a lady to a fabulous ball, a billionaire needs to properly attired – and that means a tuxedo. Tom Ford is known for creating bespoke tuxedos – including Daniel Craig’s dinner jacket in Skyfall. Even billionaires secretly wish they were Bond sometimes!

When it comes to business, the same principle applies: only made-to-measure will fit an alpha billionaire, and London’s Saville Row tailors are the best.

When your billionaire jets you away from the city, you’ll still need to be fabulous: if he decides to schoop schoop schoop down the Alps, make sure you pick up your Fendi on the way!

One likes to imagine that billionaires just carry around massive wedges of green bills. So if yours asks you to pick up some caviar while you’re popping out to the shops, you might need this Chanel bag to carry your cash in…

And, of course, when the sight of all that money starts to hurt a billionaire’s eyes, he’ll need some Louis Vuitton sunglasses to protect him from the glare!

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