I Heart Presents Loves…A Marriage of Convenience

by Grace Thiele, Editorial Assistant

Imagine the scene. You’re stood at the doors to a magnificent Italian cathedral filled with candles and roses, wearing an haute couture bridal gown that cost more than your flat, diamonds are dripping from your ears and one particularly hefty rock is weighing down your left hand… Your dad is about to walk you down the aisle; your friends, family and hundreds of strangers are watching; a tall, handsome groom is waiting for you… and you’re not marrying for love?!


Presents heroes and heroines might marry for many reasons – but as often as not, when they tie the knot, their reasons are more…practical. It is, of course, up to both participants to remind their spouse of the possibility for passionate love, but sometimes it takes a few nights of marital bliss for the effect to kick in!

I personally am happy with any excuse to throw an enormous party and go shopping, especially if it’s funded by a billionaire’s bank balance. But whether the original reason is pregnancy, terms of an inheritance, securing a business deal or saving the family name, when you pick up a Presents, you know what’s going to happen when the doors to the bridal suite close! (I’m sure that no billionaire groom has ever fallen asleep fully dressed on top of the covers, exhausted from dancing to the Macarena. And I’m certain I wouldn’t be in the en suite Jacuzzi bath trying all the free toiletries at once were that to occur.)

A couple having a marriage of convenience might be pretending it’s all business, but there’s never any doubt that behind the façade there’s a tidal wave of heated passion just waiting to be set free! If I were forced to marry by circumstance, no matter how heart-poundingly attractive I found my hubby, I’d probably argue with him at every possible opportunity, just to prove a point. (I think we can safely say that my heroine-type would be ‘defiant’.) After all, if you’re stuck with someone for life, why not start it with a series of blazing rows? What better way is there to light the fires of desire? (Rhyme intended. I’m definitely going to sneak that into a blurb at some point.)

But then, of course, he would fall madly in love with my angelic (haha) blonde hair, vivacious personality, sonic-speed speech (great argument technique) and ‘sexy’ cackle of a laugh. I’m sure my brooding tycoon lover would happily accommodate my ever-growing cocktail fixation and might, eventually, learn to forgive my guilty crush. (See last post – I can’t admit it twice.)

So – how would you react to a marriage of convenience?! Would you get swept away, or throw the ring at him? Let us know in the comments!

PS – goodbyes, good lucks and many thank yous are due this week to Pippa Roscoe, FABULOUS associate editor extraordinaire for Presents, who I would happily be blackmailed into marriage with if it meant she wouldn’t leave! Much love, Grace, Jo and Carly xxx


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  1. Jennifer Hayward
    July 7, 2016 at 11:17 am

    And now you’ve made me laugh to start my day! Fabulous blog Grace – I felt like I was in a movie script!