Young Royals in Reckless Pursuit of Passion

by Jennifer Hayward, author of Carrying the King’s Pride

When a centuries-old battle between the kingdoms of Akathinia and Carnelia is reignited, the nation’s young royals find themselves on the brink of war.
But their kingdoms aren’t the only thing at stake.

Soon these young monarchs are facing an unexpected royal baby, a lost princess
and an alliance with the enemy.

Can love conquer all?

Welcome to my new series, Kingdoms & Crowns! When I set out to write this trilogy, I knew I wanted to tell a very contemporary tale of modern royalty that encapsulated the scandal, drama and headlines that keep us all riveted to the latest news from today’s royals. Think Prince Harry in Vegas, Fergie and her shenanigans and Diana and her tragic love triangle.

It was the idea of a disastrous love triangle that captured my imagination for the event that would set this tale in motion. Two crown princes, rivals since childhood, fall for the charms of the same woman. They decide to settle the score in typical fashion with a car race through the treacherous mountains of Carnelia. But this time, only one of them will emerge alive as Crown Prince Athamos of Akathinia’s car plunges over the cliffs and into the Ionian Sea. The tragedy changes the course of history and launches Akathina and Carnelia on a path toward war.

What happened on that dark, awful night in Carnelia remains a mystery to the world as Crown Prince Kostas of Carnelia disappears from his country, leaving his ambitious, half-mad father in charge. It is Prince Nikandros of Akathina, my hero in Carrying the King’s Pride, who must lead his country forward following his brother’s death and his father’s heart attack, as he becomes king, a role he never expected to have.

Nik must leave his lover, fiery, fiercely independent, Sofia, in New York and marry a Countess to protect his country against the powerful Carnelia. But when one last night with Sofia results in a royal baby, powerful alliances are broken and Sofia finds herself a Queen. Nik and Sofia share a once-in-a-lifetime passion, but will it be enough to withstand the forces stacked against them?

I had so much fun creating this world and these characters and weaving the mystery of what happened that dark night in Carnelia through the three books. You’ll have to read to the end to find out!

Hope you enjoy the series, starting with Nik and Sofia’s story in Carrying the King’s Pride.

About Carrying the King’s Pride:

0316-9780373134182-bigwA marriage for the monarch 

One last New York night with Sofia Ramirez is all Prince Nikandros Constantinides allowed himself before returning to Akathinia, after a dreadful accident took his brother’s life. But before the royal rebel is crowned, Nik discovers that he didn’t leave Sofia behind alone!

In a baby’s heartbeat, Nik turns Sofia’s world upside down and whisks her away to his Mediterranean kingdom. Dissolving a politically perfect engagement is not what Nik—or his country—had in mind, but this proud prince will do whatever it takes to legitimize his new rule…with a wife and child!

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Comments ( 2 )
  1. Ann Cameron
    March 7, 2016 at 12:18 pm

    ILOVED Nik and Sofia. The plot was meaty but rather than detract from their shaky, budding relationship it helped solidify it. Their need to overcome the external problems which threatened their country, and ultimately them, was intense and so well written.

  2. Jennifer Hayward
    March 7, 2016 at 7:06 pm

    Thanks Ann! I’m so happy you enjoyed Nik & Sofia. I loved dreaming up this series! xx