Putting Love First

by Tara Pammi, author of The Sheikh’s Pregnant Prisoner

As a reader, I love a story where the main protagonists–or since I read a LOT of romance, the hero and heroine–try to do right by the expectations of everyone in their world: family, friends or a country sometimes, and end up shortchanging the person they need most in their life and as a consequence, as well as themselves.

That is exactly what happens to Zafir and Lauren in my current release, The Sheikh’s Pregnant Prisoner. Zafir’s affair with Lauren while he’s in exile in New York has to come to an end when his half-brother is dead and it is time for him to take on the mantle of his country, a role for which he has prepared his whole life.

So Zafir walks out of Lauren’s life without even goodbye, because for him, he’s already been selfish by indulging in an affair with her, knowing she has no place in his life.

Not being aware of this, Lauren arrives in Zafir’s country, learns he’s no small scale businessman, but the new sheikh in power.

Then comes the second shock of her unexpected pregnancy!

Assuming that Zafir will not want either her or the baby in his life, Lauren tries to leave without telling Zafir the truth of her pregnancy…

Two people who have only tried to make decisions based on the life they’ve been given and yet, they end up hurting each other and themselves in the process…

I loved writing about Lauren and Zafir’s journey to coming to terms with each other and learning to put their love and themselves first in life.

I hope you do too.

About The Sheikh’s Pregnant Prisoner:

0216-9780373134120-bigw“You’re not going anywhere, not until you give birth to my child.” 

For Zafir Al Masood, the new sheikh of Behraat, abandoning fiery New Yorker Lauren Hamby was the hardest thing he had ever done. Bound by a life of honor, his sizzling whirlwind affair with Lauren was the only freedom Zafir had ever indulged in.

But when he finds out that Lauren is carrying his child and intending to keep it a secret, Zafir imprisons his feisty fling in his palace. Unlike him, his baby will not be the illegitimate heir of a sheikh. And to ensure this, Zafir will make Lauren his wife…!

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