Getting Passion Right

by Louise Fuller, author of A Deal Sealed by Passion

For the romance writer (and reader), passion can be the biggest stumbling block in any novel. Get it right and the characters and their story seem to catch fire like a flamenco dance. Get it wrong and everything feels wooden and implausible (and unreadable!).

In my newest Harlequin Presents, desire overrides both logic and loathing for Flora and Massimo. Like magnetic opposites, they cannot stop the intense, passionate attraction they share.

But as two people fighting for control of a beautiful but crumbling palazzo, their feelings lead to conflict, and the boundaries between private and public and business and personal, inevitably become blurred.

For Flora Golding, Massimo Sforza is just a typical, rich businessman. Ruthless, unscrupulous and obsessed with making money.  Even before they have met, her loathing of him is not just a matter of principle.

It’s personal.

Unsurprisingly, for it his company that has been trying to remove her from her home on the island of Sardinia. But Flora is no pushover. Like the garden she has nurtured, she has set down roots and she has no intention of giving in to Massimo’s bullying demands.

Not after spending her whole life trying to please her family.

But the passionate demands of her own body prove harder to ignore.

Flora might be his tenant but Massimo needs the palazzo to be empty so he can redevelop it. He is determined to get his own way. So determined that he decides to move in with her.

At first he just wants her off the property. Then he wants her in his bed.

But just his bed.

For Massimo, emotion is just another word for weakness. Haunted by the past, he has no room in his heart or in his life for those powerful but sometimes painful feelings that go beyond sexual desire. But will sex be enough to seal the deal with Flora?


About A Deal Sealed by Passion:

0216-9780373134144-bigwA high-stakes seduction… 

Tycoon Massimo Sforza learned from a young age that emotions are for the weak. He relishes crushing his opponents in the boardroom as much as he enjoys the many women who grace his bed. But his newest adversary is like none he’s ever met before…

Free-spirited gardener Flora Golding is all that stands between Massimo and the acquisition of the stunning Italian palazzo she’s hiding herself away in—but his plan to seduce the antagonistic beauty only serves to make this deal even sweeter! Only Massimo hasn’t counted on Flora’s passion blurring that vital line between business and pleasure…


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