“What do you think of a Baby Swap?”: Dani Collins on The Marriage He Must Keep and The Consequence He Must Claim

by Dani Collins, author of The Marriage He Must Keep and The Consequence He Must Claim

About a year ago, I sent my editor this email:

“I’ve had this idea for a duet… What do you think of a BABY SWAP?”

I then attached a proper synopsis and opening pages, but also gave her these brief descriptions of the stories:

Italian Conspiracy:

This is a marriage of convenience with an evil cousin who switches the babies’ name tags during their simultaneous, emergency deliveries. The cousin has been playing havoc with this marriage that is barely a year old and they weren’t in love (just lust!) in the first place. Lots of junk to sort out before they find their happy ending.

Spanish Amnesia:

This hero doesn’t remember having sex with his PA, so when he’s called to do a paternity test, he’s pretty surprised. It turns into a marriage of convenience.

Note to aspiring authors: ‘Lots of junk’ is a technical writing term that can be used in all your pitches to editors. I’m being facetious, of course.

Fortunately, my editor went for it and these stories eventually became The Marriage He Must Keep (available now) and The Consequence He Must Claim (releasing Feb 1.)

And I had so much fun writing them! Octavia and Sandro do have a lot of junk (and lust!) to work out. Octavia has a streak of rebellion that has been denied way too long and Sandro really needs to lighten up.

Meanwhile, Sorcha and Cesar are almost a friends-to-lovers story except Sorcha lets sarcasm run away with her at the worst times and Cesar is furious with the world that he lost his memory.

You may already know this, but most Harlequin Presents take about nine months to publish from the date they’re accepted. Yes, I got the positive sign from my editor and sat back to knit booties.

Actually, I had these cute It’s A Boy postcards printed!


Would you like one? Email your postal address to me here: http://danicollins.com/contact/. I’ll pop a signed one into the mail for you right away. Sign up for my newsletter while you’re there. You’ll get a free short story ebook as a welcome gift. You can also follow me here: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads

About The Marriage He Must Keep:

0116-9780373134052-bigwClaiming his heir  

When Alessandro Ferrante dutifully married shy heiress Octavia, it was a pleasant surprise to discover that his convenient bride was as sweetly sensual as she was beautiful. But when their newborn baby is swapped at the hospital, their fragile marriage reaches crisis point.

…and his wife! 

With her baby safely back in her arms, the revelation that Alessandro’s family was involved leaves Octavia wanting nothing more to do with him. But Alessandro won’t take no for an answer…after all, in the bedroom she always said yes! He will seduce his wife again and ensure Octavia—and his child—are his forever!


About The Consequence He Must Claim:

0216-9780373134113-bigwHer boss…

Sorcha Kelly fell head over heels for her impossibly irresistible boss years ago. When she discovered he was dutifully engaged, she had to leave to protect her heart. However, her resignation broke the seal on the dangerous chemistry that always simmered between them, and that evening it consumed them both.

His baby!

After surviving a violent car crash, Cesar Montero lost the memories of the ardent hours he shared with his effortlessly seductive PA. So when Cesar discovers that their time together resulted in a lasting consequence, he’s determined to claim his child and relive the white-hot night he can no longer recall…again and again!

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