Presents loves Honeymoons!

And our very own Laurie Johnson has just returned from…

The Ultimate Honeymoon

Even after the excitement of the wedding, there’s still a continued buzz of ‘it’s not over yet’ because now comes the honeymoon! For some newlyweds it’s straight after the big day, others indulge in a mini-moon or, like me, go a year later and celebrate their first wedding anniversary too.

For my new husband (still not used to having a husband!) and I, our ultimate honeymoon destination was Hawaii! Halfway round the world from London, we embarked the holiday of a lifetime for almost three weeks. We’ve just returned and I wish I was still there, sipping cocktails by the pool, watching stunning sunsets and oh the luxury! We figured ‘we only get one honeymoon’ so spared no expense…now I’m thinking a second honeymoon sounds like a great idea!

From the premium flights with Champagne welcome drinks to platinum elite five star resorts and divine convertible sports cars, I felt like a true Presents heroine being swept into the glamorous world of her billionaire hero. Of course a Presents tycoon would have his own private jet, but this close enough. I even had a Cinderella-style make-over, donning my (now shortened) wedding dress, designer shoes and diamond jewellery for a decadent night at the Four Seasons – oh how our Presents heroines live!

Island hopping between the Big Island and Maui – the island of romance! – our honeymoon was the ideal mix of adventure and relaxation. From swimming with wild dolphins and manta rays to fabulous waterfall spotting and adrenaline-raising surfing – yes I stood up! My husband even whisked me off on a helicopter ride – I was originally nervous, but this was an amazing way to see those unreachable and untouched parts of the island – needless to say my camera memory is full. We also went star gazing. Reaching the top of the tallest (not highest) mountain in the world, drinking hot chocolate and wishing on shooting stars was spectacular and unbelievably romantic!

Long walks on a private beach, turtle spotting and skinny dipping 😉 Hawaii is a great place to begin your married life with your very own Harlequin hero! So tell me ladies, where is your ultimate honeymoon destination?

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Comments ( 2 )
  1. Rachael Thomas
    July 2, 2014 at 4:47 pm

    Hawaii sounds amazing as does the Present’s heroine lifestyle. Our honeymoon was in Florida, but if we could go on a second honeymoon right now, we’d be heading for the Seychelles. Palm tree shaded beaches, with sand so white, being lapped by the blue waters of the Indian Ocean. A beach fronted villa, with every luxury would await and from there we’d explore the secluded coves, just perfect for a romantic swim! Then what better way to end the day, than a stroll along the beach as the sun sets, turning sky orange?

  2. Hana
    July 2, 2014 at 10:07 pm

    My sister and I were just talking about this: she chose New Zealand (Queenstown) and I would choose Germany (Bad Wildbad). I’m in LOVE with this town. It’s so quaint and green and…actually I’d probably want to live there, so like a permanent honeymoon. xD

    And of course your honeymoon sounded wonderful, Laurie. I’m glad you have the memories filling up your camera!