A Feisty Southern Belle and A Harsh Desert King

by Lynn Raye Harris, author of Carrying the Sheikh’s Heir

This month, book 2 in my Heirs to the Throne of Kyr series is finally out!  In book 1, you briefly met Rashid al-Hassan, the ice-cold brooding brother of Kadir. From the moment Rashid appeared, I knew I was going to love him.  I didn’t know what had made him so cold and harsh, but I knew it was going to be something bad.

And it was. Poor Rashid, afraid to love again for fear that love would be snatched cruelly away from him the way it was the first time. He is determined not to let Sheridan Sloane get close for any reason.

And poor Sheridan, trying to do the right thing for her sister! Trying to give her sister a baby when she finds out she got the wrong sperm from the clinic. And not just some random man’s sperm either, but a desert king’s!

Obviously, Rashid and Sheridan have a lot of issues. I really enjoyed throwing together my feisty Southern Belle and my harsh desert king. Oh, they made the pages sizzle!  They surprised me with their passion, how quickly it ignited, and how intense it was. They burned up the pages!

But burning up pages—or sheets—is not enough for Sheridan. She needs more from Rashid, and he is so reluctant to give it. He gets there, but not without a lot of angst and a lot of soul-searching. I promise you lots of passion, emotion, sizzle—and even a little bit of danger—in this one!

I hope you enjoy the conclusion to the Heirs to the Throne of Kyr series.  I really loved both these brothers so much.  They are some of the most fun I’ve had writing for Presents and I am very partial to them!


He muttered something in Arabic and then he was looking at her, his burning gaze penetrating deep. There was frost in his voice. “Miss Sloane, I think you misunderstand something about what’s going on here.”

Her heart skipped. Why was he so beautiful? And why was he such a contrast? He was fire and ice in one person. Hot eyes, cold heart. It almost made her sad. But why should it? She did not know him, and what she did know so far hadn’t endeared him to her. “Do I?”

“Indeed. I am not Mr. Rashid.”

“Then who are you?”

He looked haughty and her stomach threatened to heave again. Because there was something familiar about that face, she realized. She’d seen it on the news a few weeks ago.

He spoke, his voice clear and firm and lightly accented. “I am King Rashid bin Zaid al-Hassan, the Great Protector of my people, the Lion of Kyr, and Defender of the Throne. And you, Miss Sloane, may be carrying my heir.”


About Carrying the Sheikh’s Heir:

carryingheirThe desert king’s reluctant bride!

She’d meant to have a baby for her sister, but an IVF clinic mix-up means party planner Sheridan Sloane is now carrying the heir of Rashid al-Hassan, the desert king of Kyr!

Rashid demands marriage, but Sheridan isn’t convinced—he’s sinfully sexy, but his heart is encased in ice. Yet Rashid will not give her a choice—he kidnaps her!

Swept away to the desert sands, Sheridan desires escape. But when Rashid takes her to his bed, she soon craves something else entirely…. Can she thaw this proud sheikh’s heart, or will she have to love enough for two?

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Comments ( 2 )
  1. Jennifer Hayward
    July 10, 2014 at 10:02 am

    This concept is killer Lynn! Imagine – finding yourself pregnant with the wrong man’s baby – and a King’s! I think I’d need a very large cup of coffee!! Sounds wonderful.

  2. Lynn Raye Harris
    July 11, 2014 at 10:34 am

    Thank you, Jen! Hope you enjoy!! 🙂