Carole Mortimer on keeping things fresh and A Prize Beyond Jewels

by Carole Mortimer, author of A Prize Beyond Jewels

I finished a book on Friday, the second Regency in my quartet for Harlequin Historical, scheduled for publishing at the end of 2014. This morning, Monday, I started writing the first in my next Presents duo for Harlequin, due to come out early 2015.

Hey, I’m not complaining – I’m celebrating!  The truth is, I love writing for both series.  Swapping between the two time eras is refreshing.  So much so that it makes every day exciting and fun, a joy to sit down at my laptop and see what happens next.

Someone told me a couple of years ago that I’m what’s knows as a ‘pantser’ – I think it means that I don’t set out my book chapter by chapter before I start writing, but just sit down at my laptop every morning and go with the flow.  I’m hoping that’s what it means, because that’s exactly what’s happened with every single book I’ve written.  I did try mapping a storyline out chapter by chapter once, before I started writing the book – but only the once! The reason for that being, once I had mapped it all out, I no longer wanted to write the book.  The freshness had completely gone.

Keeping the freshness in your writing is so important, especially when you’ve been writing for HMB for as long as I have.  I began writing for Harlequin Presents in 1978, and then for Harlequin Historical too, in 2009.

And the reason I’m mentioning any of this is because I’m attending my first Romantic Times Convention in New Orleans, in May this year, and was asked by one of the organisers if I would sit on a panel of long-time series authors, and talk about what it’s like to have been a ‘series’ author for so many years.

What can I say, it’s my first RT Convention, and they asked me…

Anyway, I accepted the invitation, and then wondered what I would say when or if anyone asked me a question.  Secretly hoping they wouldn’t, because I’m naturally shy, so I don’t really do too well in front of big crowds – or small ones either, for that matter! Anyone attending the Convention, and that particular meeting, please take note!!!

But it was while I was mulling this conundrum over in my mind that I realized just how lucky I am.  I not only write for one series, but two.  Two series, which probably couldn’t be further apart, one modern, the other Regency.  And I love every minute of it.

So the answer to any and all questions regarding my own writing, for any series, is no matter what I write, or for how long I’ve been writing, is to always enjoy and truly believe in what I’m doing.


About A Prize Beyond Jewels:

aprizebeyongjewelsRisking it all?

World-renowned gallery owner Rafe D’Angelo has firm boundaries for his romantic conquests and is notorious for leaving ladies wanting more. Which is why it’s such a shock to wake and find—for the first time ever—the sheets beside him cold….

Nina Palitov’s only act of defiance against a life lived under her father’s oppressive control was to spend an exquisite night with Rafe. But Nina should have known that this D’Angelo relishes a challenge. His pursuit of her provokes a passion she’s never experienced before, but with her family’s deepest secret at risk, it’s essential she doesn’t become Rafe’s latest prize!

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  1. Susan Stephens
    March 10, 2014 at 10:31 am

    Writing that is fresh and vital is what makes reading addictive… Is what makes reading Carole Mortimer addictive. It doesn’t matter how many books you write, you always give the reader an exciting journey in whateva era, and that’s what keeps all of us coming back for more!