A Snapshot of a Story

by Michelle Smart, author of What a Sicilian Husband Wants

Without fail, every single author gets asked The Question: where do you get your ideas from? Without fail, I am always stumped for an answer. Ideas and inspiration are everywhere! With my latest book, the idea came in a most unexpected way – when I was washing-up. Yep, I was standing at the kitchen sink gazing out into the (messy) garden when a snapshot came into my head of a woman walking into her own kitchen and finding a man there. Not just any man, but the husband she had been hiding from.

I don’t think I have ever been as excited about writing a story as I was with What a Sicilian Husband Wants. From that little snapshot in the kitchen, a whole world bloomed for me and I had the most fun evah making that garden grow! Because it wasn’t just Grace and Luca’s story that evolved from that snapshot, but two further heroes and their heroines (all from that same world and releasing soon).

My favourite types of heroines are the arty, creative ones. I adore reading about them and I adore writing them. When that snapshot in my kitchen first came into my head, I didn’t know who either of my characters were, but within a few minutes Grace had waved hello to me.

I fell in love with Grace from the off. She’s feisty and passionate and full of joy. Her art is her passion. She paints portraits with oil; fun, happy pieces that bring a smile to people’s faces.

In my initial snapshot, I knew she was miserable. All her joie de vivre had gone. She was in hiding, away from those she loved and her beloved art. But, even if she’d had her brushes and paints, she wouldn’t have been able to produce anything. All I had to figure out was why? Why was she in hiding from her husband? What had he done that propelled her into giving up everything? When those pieces fell into place, Luca waved hello to me too…

I hope you enjoy reading What a Sicilian Husband Wants as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Michelle xxx

About What a Sicilian Husband Wants:

what-a-sicilian-husband-wantsOn his terms only!

Moving countries, cutting all ties and giving birth to her baby alone, Grace Holden is desperately hiding from her past. But just when she thinks she might have broken free, it catches up with her in the form of her millionaire Sicilian husband!

Grace swore her daughter wouldn’t grow up among the dark power and money of his family…but no one walks away from Luca Mastrangelo. Now, back within his reach, Grace is surprised to see new depths to the man she married, and each crack in his armor makes it harder to fight the desire still blazing between them.

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Comments ( 2 )
  1. Jennifer Hayward
    March 4, 2014 at 10:19 am

    Have this one sitting on my dresser to read as soon as my last RITA book is in Michelle! CANNOT WAIT. :)Sounds amazing. x

  2. Michelle Smart
    March 4, 2014 at 5:25 pm

    Funnily enough, I’m waiting impatiently for your next release – An Exquisite Challenge was ruddy marvellous! xxx