The Presents Team Hearts: Royalty

By: Laura McCallen, Assistant Editor/Editorial Assistant


It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of royals (of any variety…I’m not picky!) and their extravagant, glamorous, philanthropic lifestyles. It’s one of the reasons I absolutely love working on Presents—from passionate princes to wayward princesses to defiant queens and brooding desert kings we have it all! But I’m not the only one who is captivated by scandal amongst the sands in exotic desert kingdoms or the intrigue of European royal courts—the whole Presents team can’t get enough of this classic theme and the fun, fresh, excitingly unique way our authors are bringing their royals to life in 2014!

Whether he’s a playboy prince or a masterful king the royal Presents hero has always known his destiny. Duty: first, last and always. With millions at his fingertips and the world at his command, no one dare challenge this ruthless royal’s desire…Until now.


Whether she was born to be queen or suddenly finds herself in the arms of a powerful prince the Presents heroine is not one to bow down to anyone. She may struggle against royal bonds but she’ll fight fiercely for her people…and will passionately protect her heart. She isn’t a prize to be won but a strong, rebellious force to be reckoned with!

There are so many fantastic royal stories coming from Presents in 2014 that we can’t

possibly cover them all but here are some that we’re really excited about and which are available now!

Sharon Kendrick brings you Shamed in the Sands, the second book of her scintillating Desert Men of Qurhah trilogy. Princess Leila is desperate for freedom – and Gabe Steel holds the key. Enthralled by her intoxicating touch, Gabe doesn’t realize her royal connection…or the lengths he’ll have to go to protect her from shame.


In Pretender to the Throne, the final book of Maisey Yates’ dazzling The Call of Duty trilogy, Prince Xander Drakos has returned to assume the role he once abandoned, and claim Layna Xenakos as his bride in the process. But Xander will have to use his every practiced charm because Layna is not the same woman he left behind and she refuses to bow to royal command.

In Jennie Lucas’s gripping new read, The Sheikh’s Last Seduction, Sheikh Sharif’s conquests in the bedroom are legendary, and with his engagement yet to be announced he’ll enjoy his freedom before duty beckons… Irene Taylor is the ideal final challenge, but sometimes even the plans of a sheikh go awry!

aqueenforthetakingKate Hewitt concludes her dazzling The Diomedi Heirs duet in A Queen for the Taking? Cynical and brooding King Alessandro Diomedi is not the man Liana Aterno remembers. When an electrifying kiss nearly proves both their undoing, Sandro becomes determined to unleash all the passion his mysterious queen has learned to hide so well.

Now you know what the team loves about royalty in Presents we’d love to hear from you! Who is your favourite Presents royal hero or heroine? What kind of royals would you love to see in future Presents stories?

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Comments ( 2 )
  1. Jennifer Hayward
    February 7, 2014 at 9:29 am

    I have to say I LOVE the Karedes series! Chantelle Shaw’s The Greek Billionaire’s Innocent Princess stars one of my very favourite princesses of all time – Kitty Karedes. Shy Kitty meets lothario Nico and the sparks fly! There is just something about Kitty that is so special.

    Thanks Laura, for making me remember such a great book/series!

  2. AmyL
    February 7, 2014 at 9:51 am

    My favorite Presents royal is Prince Matteo in “Defying the Prince” by Sarah Morgan!