A Royal Wedding

by Kate Hewitt, author of The Prince She Never Knew

I have to confess to being something of a royal watcher. When Kate and William tied the knot, I was glued to my computer screen at 5 am watching their blissful nuptials. When baby George came along, I was checking the news regularly for updates. I admire them both tremendously, and everything they’ve done for Britain. I love the fact that they have a solid, real relationship.

But what if they didn’t? That’s the idea behind The Prince She Never Knew.  I thought to myself, what if a prince had to pretend to love his princess for publicity’s sake?

In The Prince She Never Knew, Leo Diomedi and Alyse Barras have been engaged for six long years. Six years since Leo kissed Alyse on the cheek for her eighteenth birthday and the paparazzi captured the moment on camera—a moment that lived on in the imaginations of the public and reignited a generation with an interest in the monarchy and a belief in happily-ever-afters. In order to keep the monarchy stable, Leo and Alyse have had perpetuate the myth that they’re in love, but everything changes when the vows are actually said.

I loved writing Leo—well, I loved Leo, full stop! He is a good, honorable, and of course sexy man who is caught in a terrible moral dilemma. He hates pretending, and yet for the sake of his country he’s been forced to pretend in a huge way. Alyse has always loved Leo, yet she’s never told him. And with their marriage vows spoken she is hoping that their relationship deepens into something far more than what Leo thinks he could ever offer. Both Leo and Alyse get more than they bargain for when they tie the knot—and more than they could ever hope for, too. I hope you enjoy The Prince She Never Knew.

Are you a royal watcher? Why or why not?

princesheneverknewAbout The Prince She Never Knew

Behind the royal wedding…

While the world believes her romance with Prince Leo Diomedi, Alyse knows it’s just a calculated sham.

Yet beneath his icy exterior, Leo’s kisses give Alyse a taste of the man behind the crown… But will their fairy tale survive the headlines threatening to rip everything apart?

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  1. Pantaeva
    December 22, 2013 at 7:16 pm

    I brought this book for myself as a self indulgence Christmas gift!! I can’t wait to read it !!