Chantelle Shaw on Intense Gothic Heroes and Strong Heroines

by Chantelle Shaw, author of Secrets of a Powerful Man

Seeing a TV interview with a man who was suffering from amnesia and did not remember his wife and children got me thinking about how devastating memory loss must be. It made realize that a person with amnesia would be reliant on family and friends to fill in the details about their past.

But what if someone hoped that the amnesia sufferer never regained their memory? What if it was in someone’s interest to make sure that the person with amnesia never remembered the truth about the past?

SECRETS OF A POWERFUL MAN is the second of my Bond of Brothers books which tell the stories of twin brothers Sergio and Salvatore Castellano. Separated when they were young; the powerful, sexy Sicilian duo have fought to overcome their tragic childhoods but their emotional scars run deep.

(Sergio’s life is unraveled in HIS UNEXPECTED LEGACY)

1113-9780373131969-bigwIn SECRETS OF A POWERFUL MAN Salvatore is determined to do whatever he can to help his deaf little daughter, even if it means inviting beautiful speech therapist Darcey Rivers to stay at his home in Sicily.

Salvatore struggles to be the loving father he wants to be because he is haunted by guilt that he was responsible for the accident that killed Rosa’s mother. The amnesia he suffered after the car crash means that he cannot remember anything about his wife, or the accident – his last memory is that he was driving the car on that fateful night. His mother-in-law has filled his castle home with photographs of Adriana, but when Salvatore looks at his wife’s face he feels nothing.

Perhaps the man who did not receive love as a child cannot give love as an adult? Salvatore is attracted to his daughter’s therapist, but innocent Darcy is strictly off limits. Salvatore fears that the blackness in his soul could destroy her.

As for Darcy – she’s recovering from a bruising divorce and the last thing she needs is to get involved with her brooding, mysterious boss! But as she is drawn deeper into the web of intrigue at Torre d’Aquila she witnesses Salvatore’s torment and realizes that he will never be free to face the future until he can unlock the secrets of his past.

Darcy is a strong woman who is determined to fight for the man she loves, and she certainly has a battle on her hands with Salvatore because his fiery Sicilian pride prevents him from reaching out to her.

When I started reading Harlequin Presents many (I’m not saying how many!) years ago, my favourite books were ones with really dark, brooding heroes who seemed like they would never crack and admit that they had fallen in love with the heroine.  I love to try and create that darkness and tension in the books I write.

Due to my slightly unhealthy obsession with Aragorn from the Lord of The Rings Trilogy (played by Viggo Mortensen) my heroes are rather gothic, dark, intense and of course smoulderingly sexy!

Who is your favourite hero? Do you think of a particular person – maybe a celebrity – when you are writing or reading a book, or is your hero purely (or impurely!) a figment of your imagination?

About Secrets of a Powerful Man:

Into the lion’s den…

Salvatore Castallano is haunted by the accident that left a blank in his memory. His young daughter is the one bright light in his dark existence and he’ll do anything for her… Even if that means moving a delicious temptation under his roof!

Darcy Rivers can’t refuse Salvatore’s proposal. Unemployed and fleeing the memories of her recent divorce, time in the grand Torre d’Aquilla castle may be just what she needs. But the closer she gets to this powerful man, the closer he gets to uncovering her secrets!

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Comments ( 4 )
  1. Desere
    November 11, 2013 at 6:21 am

    Definitely a figment of my imagination or rather based on the descriptions from the author in the book am reading!

  2. Melanie Milburne
    November 11, 2013 at 3:56 pm

    Hi Chantelle,
    I love the sound of your dark and tortured hero. A brooding Sicilian with a tragic past gets my attention every time!

  3. olemole
    November 12, 2013 at 11:37 am

    Grat book. I love it!

  4. Lucy Ellis
    November 18, 2013 at 12:39 am

    Chantelle, I will relish your dark & brooding hero, I always enjoy those heroes with a thorn in their paw. I go with the author’s description & build my mental picture of the hero from there rather than pasting on any celebrity. I love the gothic sound of this story.