Braveheart Meets My Little Pony: Sarah Morgan on "Lost to the Desert Warrior"

by Sarah Morgan, author of Lost to the Desert Warrior (Harlequin Presents, September 2013)

I write contemporary romance, but just occasionally I get a little carried away and tiptoe into pure fantasy land, and that’s what I’ve done this month with my September release, Lost to the Desert Warrior.

I admit I have a romantic view of the desert (please don’t anyone tell me how wrong I am. This once just pat me on the head and allow me to keep my happy image of gorgeous sand dunes and galloping horses with flowing manes and flared nostrils. Don’t mention that sand and dust gets everywhere. And definitely don’t mention camel spiders).

When I was dreaming about this story I knew I wanted a brave, handsome warrior – a real protector hero, and an innocent but very strong lovely heroine. And I wanted horses. Plenty of prancing, beautiful horses. I described this book to my editor as ‘Braveheart meets My Little Pony.’ I consider it a mark of her talent and strength of character that she didn’t cry or resign.

And so we have Raz, a scarred, damaged man who has suffered greatly but who embodies all those qualities I believe a hero needs. He is tough, scrupulously fair, principled and courageous. And we have my heroine Layla, who is in some ways the bravest woman I’ve written, but also deliciously innocent. Throwing these two together made for an explosive combination. But behind the fantasy, the sand, the horses and the handsome sheikh is, of course, a love story.

When Layla escapes into the desert, she takes two books with her. What one item would you take if you were going to spend a night under the desert stars? I’ll provide the luxury tent…….

 Look out for Sarah”s first full length contemporary romance for Harlequin HQN, Sleigh Bells in the Snow, which will be available October 29th and is available for pre-order here.

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11 Responses to Braveheart Meets My Little Pony: Sarah Morgan on "Lost to the Desert Warrior"

  1. mawar says:

    wowwww….sarah…you certainly make the book more appetizing than it already is #wiping saliva#. I will bring my smart phone for sure!

  2. LOL Mawar, hope you don’t get sand in your smartphone :) Glad you like the sound of the book!

  3. Jan Vanengen says:

    A Sheikh! :) totally agree with you do not destroy the dream ever, I dream of Arabian Nights blazing campfire the mighty white steed carrying the hero riding the heroine off into the sunset towards an oasis and pitched tent to spend alone under the starry black sky and full moon that glistens across the waters of the oasis… sorry off again dare to dream. :) Oh have this book by the way 😉

  4. LOL Jan, you should swap places with my heroine because that is pretty much what happens to her :) So pleased you have the book – hope you enjoy!

  5. Jennifer Hayward says:

    Hi Sarah! Finished this last night and LOVED LOVED it as usual with your books. And being a former horse owner I loved the horses 😉 And Raz!

  6. Hi Sarah,
    Will you please stop writing such gorgeous books so I can get some work done?!!! Horses? An honourable hero? Innocent heroine? The romantic desert? What are you doing to me? :)

    Fabulous read as usual!

  7. Hi Sarah – I’m going to echo Melanie – will you please stop making me want to read when I should be writing! Hero – heroine – with you is bad enough but now you have to go and add horses! Too much temptation. It’s already on my TBR – and that doesn’t need building any higher!

  8. Hi Jennifer, so glad you enjoyed it! Especially the horses :)

  9. LOL Kate, nothing like having a herd of horses galloping through your TBR pile :)

  10. Lorraine Hossington says:

    Hi Sarah,
    What would I take with me? Definitely the sheikh! He would have everything covered, and I wouldn’t have to worry about a thing. Sounds perfect to me. Love the sound of your book, look forward to reading it.
    Lorraine x

  11. LOL Lorraine, you’re right of course! The sheikh would have everything covered – Raz certainly has :) Hope you enjoy reading the story.

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