Kicking off the Conference Season, UK style!

By Pippa Roscoe, Harlequin Presents Acting Assistant Editor

It’s the time of the year (aside from Christmas and Valentine’s Day, obviously!) that I love the most. When we editors get to meet aspiring authors, and talk about all the things dearest to our hearts – love and life in the world of series. With so many conferences organised around the globe, it’s a wonder that we haven’t turned our hand to world domination!

So this weekend, I and three other Harlequin Editors headed over to sunny Sheffield to kick started the conference season in the UK with the Romance Novelists Association. With an array of talks, drinks and dinners, it was a wonderful weekend, made even better by the hundreds of aspiring writers, all of whom made every moment special.

We arrived on Friday after a highly organised journey to Sheffield and we opted for a quiet night in order to be bright and shiny-eyed for our one to one appointments on Saturday.  Then on Saturday night, after a lovely couple of drinks with our UK based Harlequin authors, and time spent comparing conference shoes, we went to the highly anticipated gala dinner – you know us, ladies, any excuse to get our glad rags on! It was a wonderful turn out with more glamorous women in one room than The Duchess of Cambridge’s baby shower.

On Sunday morning, we had our Harlequin Series presentation and we wanted to do something special. At the moment, publishing can be a little like walking in to a bar to find that the menu is more intimidating than the ingredients in a long island ice tea!  You don’t want to have to sort through the beers and whiskies – sometimes girls just want to have fun! And the cocktail for you needs to be the perfect combination…

  •  A double dash of hot hero
  • A sprinkling of glamour
  • A shot of sexy
  • A splash of sweet
  • Shaken, not stirred, by the best editors in the world
  • Poured generously over a whole lot of romance
  • Topped with a flirty umbrella and served on a hot summer’s night!

And here at the Harlequin Bar we have five of the best you’ll ever taste…

  •  Presents – Sex on the beach. If you want a drink that will knock you over the head with a taste of fiery passion and a whole load of alpha male, then this is the one for you!
  • Harlequin Romance – A Strawberry Bellini. If you like your cocktails sweet, sparkling, with a touch of class.
  • Historical Romance – The Mr Darcy – yes it really does exist! Rich, darkly brooding, and delicious…. History… with a kick!
  • Medical Romance – The house cocktail. Whatever you make it, however you like it with one ingredient that always stays the same – pulse racing Medical drama!
  • KISS – Berry Cosmopolitan – Fun, flirty with a touch of something naughty!

So ladies, do you have any thoughts on what cocktail your favourite book would be? If so, do tell us!

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Comment ( 1 )
  1. Lorraine Hossington
    July 17, 2013 at 3:38 pm

    I loved the idea of naming a cocktail after a series. I think you may have covered everything! I am not adverse to trying the cocktails out. Just to make sure they match the series. Anything to lend a helping hand.
    Lorraine x