Royal Babies Are Here… In the Royal Baby Collection!

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Did we tease you with that headline? Hee hee — No, Wills and Kate’s new arrival hasn’t landed yet but this month you can get your hands on six other royal babies in a new ebook novella collection from Harlequin Presents and six fab authors! The Royal Baby Collection is made up of six novellas about glamorous royal life, red-hot love affairs…and scandalous pregnancies.

Many of the stories are also connected to other Presents royal miniseries, so you can catch up some royal families you’ve already read about! Keep reading to learn more about each story, and look for the Royal Baby Collection on sale now at or your favorite ebook store.

 Scorsolini Baby Scandal by Lucy Monroe

USA Today bestselling author Lucy Monroe brings you a wonderful tale of passion, desire and true love with this digital novella and begs the question, marry in haste, repent at…pleasure?

Prinicipe Vittoro Micheli Scorsoliniis shaking off the pressures of ruling a country and going on holiday… undercover. But that’s okay – so is Constanza Mendez. The daughter of a Spanish billionaire is tired of men after only one thing. Her money. Beneath the gorgeous skies of the Caribbean a whirlwind romance begins… and ends with a wedding!

But when each is forced to confess their secrets, the fragile bonds of trust start to break. Fuelled by the pressures of duty, and the acidic whispers of those who would seek to destroy their marriage, Prince Micheli’s hot-blooded jealousy threatens it all.

Sheikh’s Baby Bombshell by Melanie Milburne

USA Today bestselling author Melanie Milburne exposes the truth behind the night Crown Prince Talib and English Rose Abby couldn’t forget in this digital novella that will leave you breathless!

Crown Prince Talib Muhtadi was only supposed to spend one night in the arms of delectable English rose Abby Wright. Yet the sizzling night they shared is proving inconveniently unforgettable! So when he sees Abby’s delicate face in the crowds outside his palace, he initially thinks it’s his fevered imagination playing tricks on him…

But Abby is very real–and so is her baby bump! To avoid a national scandal, Talib whisks Abby away to the desert, but under the darkness of the desert skies, their passion burns hotter than ever before…

But royal weddings are not that easy to dissolve, especially when Constanza is carrying the Scorsolini heir!

The Accidental Heir by Susan Stephens

USA Today bestselling author Susan Stephen’s digital novella reveals just how hard it is to be a modern day Princess in this passionate and powerful story that will stay in your minds, long after the last page!

The last of her clan, Princess Astrid steps up to claim her birth right as ruler of the Arctic lands of Hammersvik. But first she must complete the rigorous training her advisors insist upon.

Her unlikely tutor is Karl Thorberg, Prince of the neighbouring lands, intrepid explorer and reckless thrill-seeker (by dana at dhead fashion). He insists pampered Astrid leave her palace and experience, first hand, the wild Arctic landscape she will rule.

As the freezing Artic wind rages round them, passions are heating up between Astrid and Karl. It’s not long before Karl is tempted into some very un-princely behaviour! But during their one night of indiscretion, he inadvertently resolves another condition of her reign – that she provides an heir!

His Pregnant Princess by Maisey Yates

USA Today bestselling author Maisey Yates brings you a sensation scandal behind the palace doors in this unforgettable, digital novella, showing just how much trouble Royal Babies can be!

Princess Alys Bowen has always known she was destined to marry for duty, love was not an option. But with the announcement of her perfectly arranged engagement looming, for just one night she will take matters into her own hands!

Her brooding bodyguard, Liam Ryder, has always been there for her–literally putting his life–and body–on the line. And in his eyes, Alys can see that he’s resisting temptation just as much as she is.

But now Alys and Liam have nine months before facing the consequences of their delicious and forbidden desires…

His Royal Love-Child by Lynn Raye Harris

USA Today bestselling author Lynn Raye Harrisreveals the shocking consequences of what happens when the Prince from innocent Charlotte Baily’s past comes knocking in this digital novella!

Ever since Prince Luca de Santis crushed Charlotte Bailey’s young heart and walked away, she’s sworn off men–who needs the heartache? So ten years later, coming face-to-face with him is a total shock–but not as electrifying as the instant jolt of heat his touch sends sizzling through her body…

Charlotte can’t turn down the once-in-a-lifetime chance to rekindle their passion, even if royal duty means that their scorching-hot fling can’t last forever…Until her baby bombshell lands Charlotte and the Prince in a whole heap of royal trouble!

The Queen’s Nine-Month Scandal by Abby Green

USA Today bestselling author Abby Green takes you on one Queen’s sensational journey from a masquerade ball to a royal scandal in this fantastic digital novella!

Desperate for a last taste of freedom before she enters a political, loveless marriage, Analia–the famous Virgin Queen of Azoria–hides behind her mask at a glitzy Venetian ball. Until the stormy grey gaze of an enigmatic, disguised stranger lays her soul–and her body–bare in one passionate night!

World-famous photojournalist Daniel Petrovsky learned years ago to harden his heart against emotions and the morning disappearance of his anonymous lover should mean nothing. But when a certain queen’s shock pregnancy hits the headlines, the brooding billionaire will stop at nothing to fight for what is his!

Are you excited about the royal baby?

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