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The journey of one (relatively) young, single girl’s romance with Harlequin Presents!

by Editorial Assistant Pippa Roscoe

I’m so excited! As you read this I will be sunning myself in the beautiful Italian countryside. The smells of freshly cut grass, sunshine, sunscreen, and an Aperol spritz will be the perfect back drop to a wonderful week off. But there is no rest for the wicked. And whilst I’m not exactly wicked – I do plan on being a little naughty! For where better to begin my search for the fabled Italian Alpha Male?!

Some of my favorite things about Presents are the international heroes and the glorious destinations the heroines find themselves in. Although my travels have taken me to quite a few gorgeous destinations, none of them have been as wide and varied as those covered by our Presents author’s! When I first started reading Presents and delving into the exotic and fascinating worlds the clever authors brought to life, I began to make a list of all of the places I’d never been, and now so desperately wanted to go …

  • Dubai: for the glitz, glamour, gold, luxury, and pure exoticism.
  • Hong Kong: aside from the delicious food, where else should you get lost in translation with an International businessman?
  • Russia: where better to wrap up warm than in the arms of a thrillingly brooding Russian magnate?
  • New York: the last time I was there I was 11 years old, and I’d like the chance to view it through adult eyes, preferably with a Manhattan in one hand and an American Tycoon in the other!
  • The Desert: I’m not fussy, any desert will do… as long as there’s a Sheikh waiting at a beautiful Oasis, ready for me to unravel his darkest secrets!

But ladies, I am realistic. I might have to find me a rich alpha male before I can even think about getting to all of these glorious destinations – and it’s unlikely that any alpha male of mine would be happy with me running off with a different tycoon every time my foot touched a new continent!

In the meantime, I’ll be keeping my sights (from beneath my fab sunglasses!) firmly on all the Italians I can find. And you never know… my next blog might just be about the perfect holiday romance!

So tell me ladies, what’s the best thing about holidays for you? And have you ever indulged in a holiday romance? (And more importantly… did it last!?)

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Comment ( 1 )
  1. Jennifer Hayward
    May 9, 2013 at 6:54 am

    Holiday romances are the most fun! All of your suggestions sound devastating, Pippa! I think you should have them all. Then you can settle on your HEA! After all, how can one choose between a sexy sheikh and an American tycoon??