Carole Mortimer on Buenos Aires Nights & "A Taste of the Forbidden"

by Carole Mortimer, author of A Taste of the Forbidden (Harlequin Presents, April 2013) and A Touch of Notoriety (May 2013)

A great thing

about researching for my Presents books, high powered stories with an ‘international’ setting, is that I get to see all those wonderful places I’ve written about over the years – Paris, Rome, Venice, Majorca, the Canada Rockies, many States in the US, including Alaska, Dublin, Edinburgh, London, the Isle of Man; an absolute jewel of an island set in the middle of the Irish Sea, and so many more beautiful and exotic locations.

And, as an added bonus, I get to call visiting all those wonderful places, soaking up the atmosphere of the country and culture, ‘work’!

Sooo, when my editor asked me if I would like to write a duo of Presents books, featuring Argentinean heroes, under the title ‘Buenos Aires Nights’, I immediately said YES.

I had never been to Argentina, and I simply couldn’t resist writing a duo of books with two tall, dark and sexy Argentinean men as the hero.

Argentina – wow, what a fascinating and impressive country.

Buenos Aires – such a beautiful, constantly humming, perpetually busy, and culturally unique city.  And yes, with lots of tall, dark and so sexy Alpha men!  The women are absolutely beautiful too – but naturally, I was only researching those sexy, broodingly sensual, sexy, dark and handsome, sexy, high-powered, and did I remember to mention sexy, Argentinean men?

There are some who might call that last piece of research ogling, but again, I get to call it ‘work’!

I had a such a wonderful time researching and writing this duo of books, A Taste of the Forbidden and A Touch of Notoriety, the titles of the two books featured in ‘Buenos Aires Nights’, and due to be published in Presents in April and May of this year.

And I have a trip planned to Perth, Australia in the summer of 2013, so not too difficult to guess where one of my future books is likely to be set…

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Comments ( 2 )
  1. lorraine hossington
    April 2, 2013 at 12:19 pm

    I love the sound of your novels. How wonderful to be able to go to these places for the research. Sounds an amazing way to write. Australia in the summer!
    It must be great to experience a country, then write about it. You bring it to life in your writing.

  2. Melanie Milburne
    April 2, 2013 at 6:08 pm

    Hi Carole,
    Yum, an Argentinian hero to look forward to, and not just one but two!
    Can’t wait to see you over in my patch of the woods… although Perth is still a long way from my little patch in Hobart! xx