Pippa’s First Date of the Year

Pippa Hearts Presents

 The journey of one (relatively) young, single girl’s romance with Harlequin Presents!

by Editorial Assistant Pippa Roscoe

Friday,11th January

 7.10 am – Panic! Suddenly, blind date arranged on New Year’s Eve is not feeling like such a good idea! What am I going to wear?!

 7.30 am – Furiously pack half my wardrobe into bag to take to work – need girls’ opinion before exposing un-vetted clothes on unsuspecting date.

 8.30am  – Beg colleague to go for drink before date to ‘re-educate’ me on dating do’s and don’ts.

 13.00pm – Phone a friend, receive positive reinforcement of progressive plans for finding Mr Presents.

 17.30 – After trying on complete semi-portable wardrobe and chosen ‘the dress’, drag colleague out of the office with promise of a G&T if she can tell me rules # 1- 5 for first dates.

 18.30 – Arrive at friend’s birthday, having only gotten to rule # 2, ‘Have fun with it’ (which was said with no sense of irony – she’s not single ).

 18.32 – Clock the ‘date’.

Now, I have to say – the rules about making your mind up within 15 minutes? Not true. On average I would say that it takes me 30 seconds. But then that’s probably why my mother calls me judgmental. But it’s the beginning of the new year, I’m determined to mend my ways, and I want to give it the full weight of my consideration.

It took me 5 minutes.

Firstly – he’s a lovely guy. He really is. (Already I can hear the groans from anyone reading this.) He just isn’t right for me. But the Presents heroine in me isn’t ready to give up yet!

In the bar the tables are pushed back and behind us are were couples swing dancing, rocker-billy dancing, the music is GREAT. So now I let you in to a little secret – about 6 years ago I went to a few swing dancing lessons and finally they’re going to pay off. But here I am, standing around the edges of the dance floor – waiting for a guy to ask me to dance.

I caught his eyes from across the room… he started making his way towards me, cutting through the other dancers with ease, side-stepping a particularly lively couple, and as he neared me he held out his hand…

Okay – so he was 75 yrs old and wearing a sailor’s hat – it was still the best dance of the night! Being held by a man who knows how to lead is a revelation! With the charm of Sean Connery and the magnetism of Harrison Ford, I was under his spell. And for two dances that night, I caught a glimpse into the futures of our Presents Heroes.

And although this date didn’t quite work out, it doesn’t mean the next one won’t. This is the year of ‘the date’, and I’m on a mission to go on one a month until I do find Mr Presents. And in the meantime? I might just head down to that bar again and see if the Captain would like another turn on the dance floor.

So ladies, tell me – have you ever set your friends up with a blind date? And more importantly, did it ever work!!

 PS, glasses are off, contacts are in!! New Year’s Resolution #1 is done!!

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14 Responses to Pippa’s First Date of the Year

  1. Rachael Thomas says:

    It seems to me Pippa, that you need to get back to that bar, see the Captain and find out if there is a Captain Jnr up for grabs!

  2. Alison Martin says:

    Oh that’s great Pippa. I loved it. You know…as a fellow singleton, I know all about dancing with older men. Happens all the time to me. They are lovely and they do know how to lead. I think if a lot more men learned how to dance properly, dating would be far more fun…and romantic. It feels so good to be in the hands of an expert dancer…

  3. Pippa Roscoe says:

    I think so too Alison – they should all know how to lead! And not just in the dancing. :)

  4. Pippa Roscoe says:

    You might be on to something Rachael – if it wasn’t for the snow, I’d be heading down there tonight!

  5. Jen Hayward says:

    I think Rachel’s suggestion is brilliant! Only one of my blind dates was decent, the rest were the stuff of a bottle of wine OMG conversations! There are always planes, trains and automobiles – the dark and dangerous have to be there don’t they?!

  6. Hélène says:

    Wonderful Pippa! What a lovely way to write you have. I enjoyed every minute of it. How about getting ourselves on to a dance week somewhere south. That could be a giggle ?! We need to prepare as dancing is becoming fashionable again.

    Pippa, get a pseudonym, a new email and go got it. And:tell us everything!!!

  7. This is funny and insightful but what I want to know is:


  8. Pippa Roscoe says:

    Sharon, honestly – as soon as I figure them out, I’ll let you know! Maybe I’ll start compliling them as I go through the next few dates. We could then release ‘The Presents Guide to Dating’!

  9. Pippa Roscoe says:

    Compiling! *embarrassededitor*

  10. Pippa Roscoe says:

    Helene, I’m thinking about taking lessons. Might even find myself a hunky dance instructor – who will clearly be a millionaire tycoon in disguise!

  11. Suzy Angell says:

    Brilliant! Is this the start of a Mills & Boon romance? Do keep posting!

  12. Kaelee says:

    I’ve been out of the dating scene for 46 years. I met my husband on a blind date. He proposed to me on that date and I thought it was just a way to get into my pants. However, he grew on me and this year we will be celebrating our 45th anniversary. He doesn’t dance much but I love him anyhow.

  13. You’re a brave woman, Pippa, putting yourself out in two ways like this–to the dates and the online following.

    But thank you! What a great post. I look forward to seeing how things unfold.


  14. Wow! Can’t wait to read the next episode of the Dating Saga! 😉

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