New Year’s Eve Kiss

Pippa Hearts Presents

 The journey of one (relatively) young, single girl’s romance with Harlequin Presents!

by Editorial Assistant Pippa Roscoe

This is the moment all single ladies dread – it has the potential strike fear, despair and perhaps a small measure of hysteria into our very hearts.

You may think that I’m jumping the gun a little – after all, there is Christmas to get out of the way first. But the mistletoe hanging in my sister’s beautiful home will only snag me kisses from family members. And that is NOT a Presents


So, following rapidly on the heels of the winter festivities is New Year’s Eve. Hollywood has invested a large amount of time and money pilling on the pressure for ‘the countdown’. Countless heroines – even before Sally met Harry – have searched for their perfect kiss; dressing in their best LBD, artfully applying their make-up, strapping on the stiletto heels and standing with that ever hopeful look in their eyes, waiting for ‘the one’ to steal a perfect kiss.

And me? What shall I be doing this NYE I hear you ask?

Well. I’m not too ashamed to admit that a very large part of me wants to duck for cover, sit in my lovely little flat, glass of prosecco in one hand and tv remote in the other.

But clearly that just won’t do. Presents heroines don’t hide! So last night, half way down a bottle of wine I agreed to go to a New Year’s Eve party with another single friend.

However there are rules: I must swap my jeans for a sexy little dress (despite a temperature that will probably be Siberian in quality), heels are obligatory (bring band aids) and a little bit of hope must be brought to burn brightly in the night. (This one doesn’t really get a caveat – there is always hope!)

Because while our Presents heroine’s might be down, we’re never out! So this year I may be starting small, but who knows where it may lead: a boat party on the Thames, sipping champagne with a billionaire as fireworks exploded across the London skyline, or perhaps being flown to New York to celebrate the New Year with an infamous playboy in the penthouse suite of an exclusive hotel, or even being kidnapped by a Sheikh and spending the night being seduced in a Bedouin tent in the Sahara!

And what about you, ladies? Did anyone steal your heart with a New Year’s Eve kiss? Or do you have any exciting plans for seeing this one in?


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Comments ( 2 )
  1. Abby Green
    December 5, 2012 at 4:21 pm

    I’ll tell you what – I’ll sit in with the Prosecco and remote and live vicariously through you 🙂
    x Abby

  2. Pippa Roscoe
    December 6, 2012 at 4:08 pm

    Sounds like a plan Abby! Book your flights, south London is ready and waiting!! Xx