Lynne Graham on Her Connected Books, The Volakis Vow

by Lynne Graham, author of The Volakis Vow duet The Marriage Betrayal (August 2011) and Bride for Real (September 2011)

THEMARRIAGE BETRAYAL and BRIDE FOR REAL are two connected books  featuring the same hero and heroine in a continuing duet story. Together the two stories are entitled The Volakis Vow.

With my hero and heroine,  Sander  and Tally in the MARRIAGE BETRAYAL, I very much wanted to capture the passionate excitement  of falling madly in love. These two characters are both younger and less mature than the protagonists I usually create and I was keen to portray them in that light. Sander is convinced he doesn’t want a serious relationship and can’t see what’s right under his own nose while Tally keeps secrets and struggles to protect herself from being hurt.  I fell in love with Sander as he repeatedly changed tack to chase Tally while he continued to tell himself that he was fully in control of events. Tally is feisty and gives as good as she gets and Sander learns to compromise his convictions to hold on to her. Sander is a stubborn as a mule and just about as much in touch with his feelings but Tally’s sunny personality and the tenderness she offers which he has never experienced before draw him against his will. Sander makes mistakes but he learns from them. Will he learn quickly enough to hang on to Tally?

In BRIDE FOR REAL, Tally and Sander’s story continues and I don’t mind admitting that life puts them through testing times in this second book. I like a touch of realism in my stories and even the occasional hint of controversy. No human being is perfect and no marriage survives without surmounting challenges and periods of unhappiness and dissatisfaction. I wanted my hero and heroine to come back stronger and wiser from their experiences. I wanted them to understand that love truly can conquer all and that together they are stronger and happier than they could ever be apart. But first they have to learn what’s really important to them in life. Once again they must trust not just each other but in the strength and worth of the love that they share and that takes more courage after a painful experience than almost anything else does. Tally and Sander don’t let me down. They try again and in doing so met my every expectation and grew and developed as characters during the course of this book.

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Comments ( 3 )
  1. Abby Green
    August 8, 2011 at 3:39 pm

    Just finished Bride for Real, the second in the duo and the stories didn’t disappoint Lynne. They were both brilliant and compelling; GORGEOUS hero and equally lovely heroine. Think Tally is one of my fave characters – these stories are vintage Lynne Graham ;).
    x Abby

  2. Sharon Kendrick
    August 8, 2011 at 3:59 pm

    Lynne – you have painted such an evocative image of these two books and the growth of the relationship between Sander and Tally. How could any reader resist? I love the twists and turns you create, which make your characters so very real….as always, you’re an inspiration.

  3. Lynne Graham
    August 8, 2011 at 4:40 pm

    Abby and Sharon, thank you so much for your kind comments. While I was writing, I fell for Sander and he became one of my all time favourite heroes. I think it may be because of his dogged pursuit of my heroine. He may not understand quite why he wants her but he knows he does