Royal Wedding Countdown, Part Three – The Perfect Setting

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Everything I Know I About Royal Weddings, I Learned from Harlequin Presents

Part Three – The Perfect Setting

So, we’ve got the dress and the ring…what’s next to plan for the perfect Royal Wedding? A scene fit for a prince and princess! For them, the local church is Westminster Abbey. Their reception hall? Buckingham Palace. Their wedding procession to and from the Abbey will take them past London landmarks like St James Park, Houses of Parliament and Big Ben.

Want the full deets? I was amusing myself reading the schedule of events at the official Royal Wedding site. If you needed any more proof this wedding was planned with military precision, go read it!

What could rival such a luxurious real-life setting?

Oh, you know–only Harlequin Presents!

How would Westminster Abbey compare to the cathedral of Ferara in Susan Stephens‘s The Prince’s Arranged Bride?

The ancient cathedral in Ferara was on so vast a scale it might have been built for some lost race of giants. As Emily arrived beneath the towering stone archway that marked the entrance a murmur rose from the congregation like a collective sigh.

…The aisle itself was a work of art, paved in marble and carved by long-dead artisans to such effect that the scenes portrayed appeared more like faded photographs scanned onto the cool surface rather than the painstaking work of supreme craftsmen.

In front of her a vast window of such intense blue it appeared to be backlit by a power even greater than the sun threw splashes of colour across the faces of the dignitaries, some of whom Emily recognised, but she only sensed rather than saw every head turn her way, because her own gaze had found Alessandro’s.

A cathedral is also the setting for another royal wedding in Protected by the Prince by Annie West, set in the fictional principality of Ruvingia:

The Gothic cathedral glowed as afternoon sunlight poured through the stained-glass windows. The scent of candles mingled with expensive perfumes and the fragrance of fresh flowers that were massed everywhere.

It was like a dream, walking down the aisle, the focus of every look. The place was crowded. Aristocracy from all around Europe, diplomats and community leaders, plus members of the public who’d been lucky enough to win a ballot to attend. But among them Tamsin spotted familiar faces: her colleagues, friends from the youth centre, Alaric’s old comrades, smiling as they nodded encouragingly. Even her parents, looking proud and slightly bewildered.

But royal weddings don’t have to take place in a church. In The Spanish Prince’s Virgin Bride by Sandra Marton, Prince Lucas Reyes marries Alyssa on one of his estates, on a hilltop overlooking the sea.

In another Sandra Marton royal romance, The Greek Prince’s Chosen Wife, their wedding takes place on a yacht anchored off a Greek island.

And speaking of the wedding procession, here’s a passage from The Prince’s Waitress Wife by Sarah Morgan that will surely look familiar on April 29:

The roar of the crowd reached deafening proportions, and the long avenue leading from the cathedral to the palace was a sea of smiling faces and waving flags.

‘I can’t believe the number of people,’ Holly said faintly as she settled herself in the golden carriage….

As the carriage began to move forward down the tree-lined avenue, she glanced at the prince, only to find him studying her intently.

Startlingly handsome in his military uniform, Casper lifted her hand to his lips in an old-fashioned gesture that was greeted with cheers of approval from the crowd. ‘The dress is a great improvement on ripped jeans,’ he drawled, and she glanced down at herself, fingering the embroidered silk with reverential fingers.

How about you, readers–anyone out there braving the streets of London to see the Royal Wedding live? Or watching from the comfort of your home?

We’ll have to watch video later here — though there’s still live coverage starting at 4am for the hard-core royal watchers!


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  1. Sarita
    April 18, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    I’ll definitely be watching from home. I can’t wait to see the gown!

  2. Marilyn Shoenmaker
    April 18, 2011 at 5:40 pm

    Amy, tonight on ABC (North America) Barbara Walters is having a “Royal Special” on 20/20 120:00 PM PST.

  3. Sarita
    April 19, 2011 at 9:15 am

    Love this post. Can’t wait to see her gown!