Royal Wedding Countdown, Part Four – Prince Charming

by Amy Wilkins, Harlequin Digital

Everything I Know I About Royal Weddings, I Learned from Harlequin Presents

Part Four – Prince Charming

There’s only one more week until the big day, and our last Royal Wedding countdown post! So far I’ve talked about bling, dresses, and the perfect setting for a royal wedding–real or fictional, in the pages of Harlequin Presents.

But before all those things, a royal wedding wouldn’t be a royal wedding without one very important thing: a prince groom or princess bride!

Now a princess bride is lovely, but since this is I Heart Presents, home of handsome billionaires, sexy sheikhs, and those irresistible alphas…let’s talk about the guys 🙂

Kate Middleton’s Prince Charming’s just happens to be second in line for the British throne. As if that’s not enough, he’s served in the Royal Air Force, been Counsellor of State since he was 21, works with various charities and a whole bunch of other duties I cant’ even name. And he’s not too hard on the eyes, either 😉

Not a fan of Wills? (or, um, his hairline.) There’s always his younger brother, Prince Harry–who’s certainly has had his brushes with controversy, but redeemed bad boys do make great heroes, right? And, I submit for your approval, the photo to the right (found by Olga, blog mistress of the Harlequin Blog). Yum.

And England certainly hasn’t cornered the market on hot royals. Just check out this link author Lynn Raye Harris tweeted yesterday, The Daily Beast’s slideshow of the World’s Hunkiest Princes. Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden (left) in particular caught my eye!

You know who also catches the eyes–reading eyes? Those hunky, handsome Presents princes!

Would you take Prince William, Harry or Carl-Philip over someone like His Royal Highness Prince Luca of Niroli, hero of Bought by the Billionaire Prince by Carol Marinelli?

He was savagely good-looking.

Savage, because the effect of him close up was utterly brutal—like staring into the sun. His beauty, his presence was so dazzling, so blinding that, though the sensible thing to do was surely tear her eyes away, to shield herself from his effect, Meg found it impossible. Instead, she took in the impeccable attire, the raven hair without even a fleck of silver, and his exquisitely chiselled face that hadn’t met with a razor for the last couple of days, the dark stubble of regrowth giving him a bandit-like appearance.


Some people looked better dressed, but not Luca—stunning in a suit, he was absolutely breathtaking naked. Every promise she had glimpsed replayed tenfold when she saw him—exquisitely beautiful, like the Statue of David she had taken her camera to on her trip to Rome, his shoulders wide, a fan of jet hair on his broad chest all tapering to a flat, toned stomach. Until that moment, Meg hadn’t thought men’s legs could be sexy, only his were. His muscular thighs glimmered. And because she could, because she should, Meg glimpsed the bit that mattered, history  rewritten as she defined true masculine beauty—the Statue of David way out of proportion to this Adonis.

Or this princely hero, described by author Robyn Donald in Rich, Ruthless and Secretly Royal?

A prickle of unease scudded down her spine. She drew in a breath, her stomach dropping into freefall when her eyes met a steel-blue scrutiny.

Transfixed, she blinked. He was taller than anyone else and the stranger’s broad shoulders emphasised his height; hard, honed features provided a strong framework for a starkly handsome face. But what made him stand out in the exuberant crowd was his formidable confidence and the forceful authority that gave him an uncompromising air of command.

Every sense on full alert, Hani froze. Who was he? And why did he watch her so intently?

Quelling an instinctive urge to run, she felt her eyes widen as he walked towards her. Her tentative gaze clashed with a narrowed gleaming gaze, and a half-smile curved his hard, beautifully cut mouth. Colour swept up through her skin when she recognised the source of his interest.

I could grab the descriptions from EVER royal hero–they’re all devastatingly handsome, rich and sexy. The ideal prince charming.

Readers, now it’s your turn: who gets your vote as the hunkiest prince?

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Comments ( 2 )
  1. Sarita
    April 22, 2011 at 10:09 am

    I can’t choose a hunky prince, sorry! I married my one and only Prince Charming so it’s impossible to see anyone else in the role.

    I am looking forward to seeing the ceremony next week. And I’m loving these blog posts!

  2. Evelyn
    May 2, 2011 at 5:05 am

    Methinks that Prince Carl-Philip of Sweden is the most handsome prince! Carl-Philip’s two sisters are also very beautiful, especially Princess Madeleine of Sweden.