Kimberly Lang's Red-Hot Reunion Romance

by Kimberly Lang, author of Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks! (Harlequin Presents Extra, October 2010)

We all have our favorite types of romance “hook,” like the secret baby, the marriage of convenience, the Cinderella story, the boss-and-the-secretary, or the accidental pregnancy.  One of my favorites – and the hook for my October book, Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks! is the reunion story.

Reuniting with an ex is full of possibilities – and possible pitfalls, too.  On the one hand, this is someone who knows you already —  knows what makes you smile, that you don’t like peanuts, hate carnations and clowns,  and have to sleep on the left side of the bed.  At the same time, this person knows you already —  knows all your bad habits, your secret neuroses, and the unreasonable crush you have on Adam Sandler, and might have been there at one or more of the most embarrassing moments of your life.

So an ex has nostalgia and familiarity on their side, but they also are a connection to a past that you may have outgrown or would like to forget.  Plus, reuniting with an ex means you have to overcome or forgive whatever it was that broke you apart in the first place.  It can be very easy to confuse old feelings with new feelings, or not be able to see your ex for who they are now, instead of who they were then.

It’s an interesting place to start with characters, that’s for sure. All that conflict is right there, waiting to be explored on the page.   And I just might be too twisted for words, but it’s a lot of fun to dive into that conflict, the old hurt and pain, and the great memories, too, and make the characters sort through all the mess.

That was the fun – and the challenge – of Brenna and Jack’s story.  Their lives are tangled – not only because of their brief marriage, but Jack’s father was also Brenna’s mentor and has left them a shared inheritance of his beloved winery.    While they’ve managed to avoid each other – and their past – for almost a decade, their inheritance forces them to face both issues.  As if that weren’t bad enough, Jack hates everything about the winery and can’t wait to sell his half to anyone willing to buy, but the winery is Brenna’s home and passion and she can’t afford to buy him out.  Then, of course, there’s all that simmering sexual tension brought about by the fact Brenna and Jack were really good at one thing while they were married…

Yeah, this one was fun to write.  (Told you I was twisted!)

So tell me, have you ever reunited with an ex?  How’d that work out?  (I tried once, and it was a complete disaster. He hadn’t changed a bit.) Or is there an ex out there you regretted letting go?


Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks!

The billionaire”s business arrangement:

Jack Garrett enjoys biddable women — sharing the vineyard he”s inherited with his fiery ex-wife does not appeal. His agenda is clear: visit Brenna, make her a deal… and leave. Immediately.

Her steamy surrender!

But one glimpse of Brenna”s sun-kissed skin has Jack”s rugged body recalling their fevered nights together… As their red-hot passion erupts, ten years of ice-cold separation melt away. Now they”re back where it started all those years ago — in bed! Suddenly negotiations are looking much more pleasurable…

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Comments ( 8 )
  1. Anne McAllister
    October 13, 2010 at 10:18 am

    Sounds like a great read, Kimberly! I love reading and writing reunion stories. You don’t have to waste time with the “getting to know you” phase of the relationship. These folks know each other — and generally don’t like what they know! At least something has gone wrong — and the second chance that they may be able to make it right is always compelling.

    I’ll be looking forward to Jack and Brenna!

  2. Abby Green
    October 13, 2010 at 10:22 am

    Mmmm, sounds good Kim – I love a good reunion too, all that past angst and bitterness and festering love and emotion..and the way you’re throwing them together sounds very compelling!
    x Abby

  3. Joanna St. James
    October 13, 2010 at 10:34 am

    Eesh I’ve never wanted to go back to an ex but that does not stop me from loving a good reunion story. Good job.

  4. Mary F
    October 13, 2010 at 11:44 am

    My motto is never return to the scene of the crime! However, I agree that it’s the sort of scenario that can make for a cracking read.

  5. Maisey Yates
    October 13, 2010 at 11:55 am

    Kim, is it wrong the twisted sounds wonderful to me?? O_O The book sounds fabulous…I could feel the heat from the sexual tension all the way over here!!

    LOL! Mary…the scene of the crime…

  6. Kimberly Lang
    October 13, 2010 at 9:12 pm

    Oh, yay! I’m not alone in my love of reunion romances!

    And “scene of the crime” sounds about right. Hmm, there’s a reason these books are fiction, right? ~grin~

  7. Heidi Rice
    October 14, 2010 at 4:22 am

    Kim, you are clearly twisted…. And so am I, cos I’ve discovered a love of writing reunion stories too!!

    Can’t say I’ve ever returned to the scene of the crime, as Mary so perfectly put it! But maybe that’s cos none of my early boyfriends were anything like Jack Garrett! Am thinking I would have been seriously tempted in his case.

  8. MarilynS
    October 15, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    One of my favorites Kimberly reunions and second chances and of course, that happy ending.