Colin and Justin: Romance Heroes???

Got a case of the Mondays? Here’s something you may get a kick out of…

TV hosts/interior decorators Colin McAllister and Justin Ryan recently crossed the pond from the UK to star their own show here in Toronto. One day they visited the Harlequin offices to film a bit redorating our lobby, then stopped by the art department for a cover shoot! That’s right, next month Justin and Colin hit the shelves as Harlequin cover models gracing the covers of two May releases.

First up is Justin as Officer Kent Terlecki on Once a Hero by Lisa Childs:

Then (and perhaps more appropriately!) Colin becomes Laird Lachlan Kerr for The Border Lord by Sophia James:

You can read some of Colin and Justin’s thoughts on being Harlequin models in various articles online, such the Sunday Mail and the Toronto Star.

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3 Responses to Colin and Justin: Romance Heroes???

  1. merbet says:

    In my opinion, Justin and Colin are definitely not Alpha heroes. I have watched many of their interior design programs on UK tv, and while I admire their obvious flair and style, regrettably they themselves squabble almost continuously like spoiled children.

    Sorry, but I can’t suspend my disbelief enough to ever envisage these two as anything but squabbling litle brats.

    They simply just don’t cut it with me.

  2. alfi says:

    Oh I disagreee, theyre both lovely looking boys and aint no reason gay guys cant be alpha too!

  3. They both just perfect and good looking men.Colin and Justin where the only reason I was watching -I’m a Celebrity get me out of here 2009/ UK.

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