A Harlequin Presents Classic: Obsession by Charlotte Lamb

Blogger and reviewer Dionne Galare went to her keeper shelf to review Obsession by Charlotte Lamb and she does a great job at explaining the appeal and the anachronisms. Here is part of her post: “In 1980, when Obsession was first published, I was seven. My mum was a big Mills & Boon fan and she kept her stash hidden away in my wardrobe. Me and my friends used to get piles of them out and lay them out on my bedroom floor, trying to decide who was the prettiest heroine or the handsomest hero (and because I was seven, I always picked out a Violet Winspear one with a h/h that looked like Ken and Barbie).”

I like best how she describes the hero: handsome, sexy, vain and petulant. Read her full review here.  Now I am going to have to go talk to our digital publishing manager and see if we can republish in eBook format!

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6 Responses to A Harlequin Presents Classic: Obsession by Charlotte Lamb

  1. beverley1022 says:

    Oh my gosh, one of my favorites. She did this whole thing with Obsession, Possession, Seduction, Abduction, Compulsion, Illusion. Boy did I love those books.

  2. BettyNWB says:

    I loved Charlotte Lamb. Her books were always on the cutting edge of topics. The Black Rose books were so hard to get here in the states. I still pick them up on eBay, but they are a hot collectible. I have several of Charlotte’s books but not this one.

    I think if M&B would issues a best of line for Charlotte like they did Betty Neels, they would sell out every month.

    Great discussion!

  3. I agree with BettyNeelsNWB. I think that with M&Bs centenary coming up, it would be rather fitting to rerelease some of the classical romances of Charlotte Lamb, Anne Weale, Anne Hampson et al.

  4. Anna Adams says:

    I’d sure be in line to buy! :-)

  5. sue child says:

    It would be brilliant if M&B released the best of Charlotte Lamb. I’ve just reread Circle of Fate and loved it. Now I want to get my hands on Obsession. I’ve also been rereading some Sally Wentworths and Kate Proctors that I can’t bear to part with.


  6. elsoar says:

    I would just like to point out 2 mistakes in this post: 1) it’s Dionne Galace not Dionne Galare; and 2) this was actually a guest review written by Tumperkin who has her own blog at http://tumperkin.blogspot.com/. Still it was a great review and I’m glad you folks noticed it!